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About Us

““Uncovering today’s music, inspired by the past and aimed at the future” is the ethos of Steppin’ Into Tomorrow. Immerse yourself
in timeless and eclectic music with a soulful flavor that connects the sounds of yesterday with dope contemporary productions
from Dutch soil and beyond. We are here both for the casual music listener (who isn’t these days?), looking for a little more than algorithmically organized playlists, as for the seasoned record heads who look to dive deeper. We’re bringing together record collectors, DJs, producers, and bands to deliver a clear and accessible platform that goes beyond the surface. Here, you can easily comb through the richness contemporary soulful music has to offer. The articles, videos, mixes, radio shows, and informative podcasts work in synergy and are consistently presented, so you know what to expect.


Loyal to the Soil

We aim to uncover and serve you the modern music emerging from the underground with roots deeply ingrained in Dutch soil.
Read, listen, watch and engage with kindred spirits who look for new music, enchanting scenes, cool hangouts, and music history.
By uniting the Dutch music scene, we try to strengthen ties beyond the borders and build bridges between local scenes around Europe and overseas. We aim to represent those involved with the underground jazz and soulful music scene unitarily.
You can listen to fresh tracks from across the globe in our premiere series. Read about the next best piano virtuoso from Berlin, Georgian broken-beat scene, and their connection to Amsterdam in articles written by our dedicated writers.


Dig through the past

Of course, music today wouldn't be what it is without the past, and we believe unsung stories are valuable. Recording the present and shedding light on previously unheard stories from the past inform our current state of music and its culture. This is why we regularly dive back into classic records, stories of musical legends and discuss your favorite samples as the genealogical thread between past, present, and future.

Steppin’ Together

We realize that we are nothing without you, so feel free to approach us if you have any insights, feedback, or suggestions. Let us know what's been catching your ear these days. We'd love to hear from you.

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