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Arp Frique's 'THE SEED' movie is out now and will confuse you with joy

It's a movie that doesn't need much of an introduction, or explanation. Dutch multi-instrumentalist and festival-sensation Arp Frique continues to push his own creative boundaries in this retro-like, unadulterated, quirky, and just really fun film.

“It’s a mixture of a road movie featuring myself and the live band, mixed with a semi-fictional semi-autobiographical story with the album as a soundtrack. Think 'Holy Mountain' meets 'Sun Ra' movies meets 'Purple Rain' but on a low budget with a VHS-cult vibe to it.” - Arp Frique


Ps. THE SEED is not his first visual project, a couple of years ago Arp Frique brought us the story of his frequent guest-flutist and Surinamese/Dutch low-key legend Ronald Snijders, who features in this new film as well. We highly recommend you to go and check the documentary 'Easy Man' sometime soon, but only once you finally made sense of your own life again because THE SEED will definitely make you question a lot of things...


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James Brown
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