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Illusionary Rockaz Crew celebrates 25 years of dance, music, and unity

The Utrecht-based Illusionary Rockaz Crew, also known as IRC, is one of the longest lasting hip hop crews in the Netherlands. In a world full of disposable relationships, the core members honor the faith & love for each other, the passion for dance and its power to connect people across all borders. The theatre tour this spring is going to be a very special celebration of the 25-year milestone, making stops in Zaandam, Amsterdam, Utrecht, and Rotterdam.

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Also known as IRC, the Illusionary Rockaz Crew was founded in 1998. The birthplace was the shopping center City Plaza in Nieuwegein, where they trained heavily, and picked up moves from some of the first local OG hip-hop pioneers. The all-round breaking crew with an inclination towards popping and locking dance styles has profiled itself over the years as an important player in the Dutch dance world. The members grew up, the crew became a company and hip-hop grew from a subculture to a global art form.

In theater productions, battles, showcases, films, photography and events, IRC continues to represent the creative versatility of the members, but also of the hip-hop oriented dance styles. In the decades that followed, they danced just as much in intimate sessions, as with large companies, at home and abroad, from community centers to football stadiums. Yet, City Plaza was not to be forgotten, for 25 years this has been the foundation, carved into wary shoulders and sometimes aching knees.

The members of IRC are exceptionally active in the Dutch theater circuit as dancers, choreographers, theater makers, educators, talent developers and organizers and have collaborated with, among others, the National Ballet, ISH Dance Collective, Connie Jansen Danslokaal, Duda Paiva Company and the Netherlands Symphonic Chamber Orchestra.

In the recent years, artistic director Shailesh Bahoran has made a name for himself as a choreographer, winning the prize of the Dutch Dance Festival, and nominated for a Zwaan multiple times. Redouan Ait Chitt was the first hip-hop dancer ever to win the Zwaan for most impressive dance performance with his role in the IRC production REDO.

Photography by Koko EXG


This April/May, the core members of IRC are joining the stage together for a celebratory theater tour special with the play ‘IRC ONE’- a spontaneous performance, a moment to reflect on it all in a symbolic, commemoratory way.

‘IRC ONE’ is an energetic and compelling performance; a story about kinship, expression and individuality; salute to hip hop; a hymn to the culture that brought Illusionary Rockaz together as a collective of individuals. A family reunion open for all.


April 28th - Zaandam - Zaantheater (tryout)

May 6th - Amsterdam - Meervaart (premiere)

May 12th - Rotterdam - Theater Rotterdam

May 13th - Rotterdam - Theater Rotterdam

May 20th - Stadsschouwburg Utrecht - Utrecht

IRC socials:


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