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July staff picks by Steppin'

Every month, new music reaches us. And with the overload of music on all streaming services, we’re here for you with a monthly selection of fresh music and older records found in the crates by the Steppin’ crew and the Steppin' Community.

Lucas Benjamin -> RADIOHOP - 'Zathura'

"RADIOHOP is a rapidly rising band from Amsterdam who share about the same age as Steppin’ and have been intertwining with our platform since day one. They performed on many of our events and even better, their very first live sets in front of an audience were with us. Throughout the past 2 years, they’ve gained an enormous amount of experience and found their sound along the way. ‘Zathura’ is their debut single and it showcases their unique touch on modern jazz fusion, with influences from 70’s Herbie Hancock, the current UK jazz scene and electronic club sounds like ‘broken beat’. This is a beautiful introduction and it won’t be long before there will be more music out. In the meantime, this one is one repeat."

Walid (Boogie Mind) -> Szajna - 'Badman Don't Dance (Szajna Bootleg)'

"Pronounced [Shy-na], is a very known name in the bruk scene with his own unique flavor. In this Bootleg, he uses a combination of the bruk sound with an African flavor, which you may refer to as Afrobeats and vocals which makes it a beautiful track to listen to on the dancefloor. He also releases on labels like Dance Regular, CoOp Presents, Phuture Shock Musik, Boogie Cafe, Super-Sonic Jazz, Eclectic Beats, and Cassé Records. You can catch him on his monthly Reform Radio show right from the heart of the 01."

Mo Wrights -> Juice T.R.M. - 'Reality'

"It’s clear where Amsterdam-based Juice T.R.M. draws inspiration from–and it’s something I’m drawn to as well. I stumbled on his latest single Reality and it’s a trip! I fuck with it. He’s a bit elusive, so I asked him how I should describe him. He responded most eloquent way: a cursive rapper. From the intent in his voice, the stripped-down beats, the mix between Dutch

and English in his verses–Juice is focused."

Tijmen -> CHO CO PA CO CHO CO QUIN QUIN - 'tradition'

"Found this band while scrolling reels and was impressed right away. Some young people from Tokyo, Japan making music I dig, what else is there to say?"

Stijn -> Don Glori - 'Diareme'

"Don Glori is part of the new wave of the rising modern-jazz scene from Melbourne. This track is from his debut album Welcome, released in October 2022, which I shamefully overlooked at the time. His approach to groove, arrangement, and playful melodies of bass, vocals, and brass section make him one to look out for. Class musicianship, go check him out!"

Marco -> D Styles X J Scienide - 'The Periodic Tables of Excellence'

"New Rhymes on a nice old-school, scratchy boom-bap project from J Scienide and produced by D-Styles of the Beat Junkies. Jazzy loops on ‘Heart Stepper’, dope scratches on ‘When The Wind Blows’, boombap with the track ‘ Sum of All Fears’, and nice strings on ‘Well Played feat. Blu’! A need to know one for Hip-Hop heads."


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James Brown
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