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Kotokid blossoms into existence with debut single 'Unfreeze'

Bass player Freek Mulder aka kotokid launches his solo career, introduces us to his songwriting and the arrival of his dynamic first single already keeps us hungry for more.

Amsterdam-based Freek Mulder, aka kotokid, is a bass player first but couldn't resist exploring the beauty of other instruments and drum computers. As a graduated jazz conservatory alum, he's an in-demand player and frequently performs in various formations, and music genres. Going into production and releasing his own music is his most recent endeavor. As a member of the adventurous fusion, alternative r&b, and prog-rock band Floatmonki he first got his feet wet on the production tip. Two of the tracks on their 2021 released debut album Body No.1 were produced by him, 'Rebuilt' and 'Outro (Vital Reprise)'.

One thing we love to do at Steppin' is to introduce you to new artists, especially when it comes to talent from the Netherlands. We do that with premieres, articles, radio shows, and events. Last October, we curated a 12-hour program at Sissi's Expo-Resto during the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE). One of the live acts we invited was kotokid, which was his debut performance as a solo artist. He brought a bunch of vintage synths, drum computers, and a bass guitar, all of which he used to capture the audience through dreamy soundscapes and high-paced fusion-esque solos that reminded me of LA's finest bass god Thundercat. Right there, it was evident that Freek was on to something special, and the people that witnessed it were instantly looking forward to the day he'd release his own creations into the world. That day has come.

kotokid live at ADE 2021 - picture by Tijmen de Nooy

Freek recorded 'Unfreeze' at the Flowriders Studio in Amsterdam with two other Floatmonki members: Jonathan Szegedi on drums and Maarten Cima on guitar. Both delivered outstanding performances on here. The drums are extremely tight and go from a hip hop groove to energetic jungle-like fills, whereas the guitar melodies are stretched out and leave plenty of room for you to breathe in between. It's a relatively short track with exactly 2 minutes and 20 seconds on the clock but serves as a great introduction into kotokid's universe.

"Unfreeze is about opening up again after hiding from yourself." - kotokid

'Unfreeze' is out now via Wicked Wax. Pre-orders for the Fledge EP have begun via Bandcamp and the Rush Hour website.


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James Brown
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