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Motel Mozaïque x Steppin' Into Tomorrow

Updated: May 15

On the 18th, 19th, and 20th of April, Motel Mozaïque in Rotterdam will take place. Three days of music, performances, art, and more at different locations in Rotterdam. This year, Steppin’ has been invited to host an evening/night at Roodkapje where we will present five talented artists. 

Motel Mozaique cannot be defined by one music genre and it can only be described as a blend of relevant, new and exciting sounds. Here are some of the Dutch artists that we love that have played at MOMO recently: Joya Mooi (2023), Willem ‘t Hart (2023), Latanya Alberto (2023), Brintex Collective (2022), Beau Zwart (2022), Gino-Cochise (2022) and Kay Slice (2022). Some artists you can check out this year are Lander & Adriaan, LIKEMINDS, Nubiyan Twist, Peter Somuah, Tom Skinner (as the artist in residence) and Wu-Lu. But, this is not all! We hereby like to introduce our exciting Steppin’ program for Saturday the 20th at Motel Mozaïque! Also, we have a little present for our community (yes, you!) at the end!


Hatoon (Live)

Singer-songwriter Hatoon makes alternative R&B and neo-soul with some jazz influences. Her music is a combination of Nubian-Sudanese sounds and contemporary artists like Nai Palm, Cleo Soul, Moonchild, and Erykah Badu. Last year, we had a chat with Hatoon (read here) about her song ‘You’ that’s released on the Super-Sonic Jazz Family Vol. 2 compilation, in which she shares more about the influence of Afrofuturism, her career, being part of a music scene and more. Currently, Hatoon is deep into the writing process of her upcoming debut EP, in which she is taking more agency in producing and composing. This also means she is not accepting many gigs, but decided to make an exception for MOMO because she was too excited. At MOMO, Hatoon will open the Steppin’ program, together with guitar player and producer Maria Sánchez.

Pelanoir (DJ Set)

Music has always been an essential thread in Pelanoir's life; it is an indispensable component of her peace of mind. She finds her outlet in discovering new sounds and experimenting with them. Pelanoir is interested in a wide range of music, from jazz to hip-hop, broken beats to breakbeats, UK sounds to (soulful/deep/hip/Chicago) house, to Detroit techno, and more; good music is good music. She follows her intuition, playing warm frequencies and creating connections between tracks. Depending on her own mood and the situation, she strives to curate a diverse journey.

To get an idea of her sounds, she recorded a Mixed Feelings episode last year and Pelanoir recommends you to listen it “at home or during a long train ride with headphones for the best experience”.

Y.O.P.E. (Live)

Y.O.P.E. is an electronic music-inspired live project founded by bass player & composer Joop de Graaf, who you might also know from Brintex Collective. He released his first EP called ‘Lost but Here’ in 2022 via Amsterdam-based label Wicked Wax, which is closely related to Steppin’ Into Tomorrow and supports the same sound, ideology and artists. After several live shows around the country, he got featured on the Super Sonic Family Vol. 2 compilation. To celebrate this moment, we spoke to Joop about the release, his career, this project and more (read here). Currently, the group is working on their debut album. The vision for this project is to create danceable live jazz music with improvisational elements of the drums and bass rather than the more traditional solo instruments. It is about the grooves and having a good time playing them. During MOMO, Y.O.P.E. (for the first time in trio formation) will guide us from the day program into the night. 

Boogie Mind (DJ Set)

Boogie Mind was recently announced as one of the new Radio Radio FM residents, giving him a platform regularly to explore the vast possibilities of sound, deliver performances that leave a lasting impression and strengthen and renew the listener's relationship with music. He invites his audience into a realm where each note and beat tells a story, evoking emotions and memories through a seamless fusion of sounds to craft sets that resonate with the soul. With each set, he aims to bridge the gap between the listener and the music, creating a space where the energy is palpable, and the moment is alive. 


With the start of the GO BIG TOUR, the festival summer of SUBFICTION is steadily taking shape. As part of this tour, we are bringing the SUBFICTION experience back to Motel Mozaïque (who played in Worm last year during MOMO). This live show means being guided through audiovisual worlds. Worlds that consist of organic elements, contaminated by technology, exploring musical landscapes beyond genres. The guide, SUBFICTION, controls these worlds through live performance and provides the audience with an interface between fiction and reality. In a dynamic show, filled with glitching and switching between melancholic breakbeats, IDM and narrative-driven house and hip-hop, SUBFICTION will ensure to close the night in style, as visitors of last year might remember. 


Specifically for all of you readers who made it this far (good job!) we like to inform you that we have special community tickets so that you can come to our hosting at Motel Mozaique. There’s a small and limited number of these tickets available and they will only give you access to Roodkapje during our program from 20:00 until 03:00. There are also Motel Mozaique night program tickets that will give you access from 23:00 onwards (with Y.O.P.E., Boogie Mind and SUBFICTION still to come) to both Roodkapje and Sahara (just around the corner). The party at Sahara, hosted by Kurashi Soundsystem, will end later than ours so you can finish the night there! Next to the community and Roodkapje/Sahara tickets, people with a festival passe-partout or Saturday day + night ticket can also come to this event. 


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