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One of Strasbourgs' most experimental quartets is back with a sure-shot EP that's heavily inspired by UK rhythms. It includes two stellar house remixes, but first, we'll be sharing the title track to kick things off.


There's a rising scene in Strasbourg, France right now and we're lovin' it! The Dope Tones Records label is right at the heart of it all, with producers like Dominique 2000 Pintes, Syncop73, and several more live-oriented groups, they got a good thing going. ACOUSMATICS is one of those young groups and some of the band members are active in several of 'em. Keyboardist Nils Boyny is not just tickling the ebonies and ivories for ACOUSMATICS but he is part of Steppin' fave Emile Londonien as well. Earlier this year we premiered the incredible 'Covered Bridges' and it's been on heavy rotation ever since.

ACOUSMATICS is a jazz-infused quartet of musicians that take notes of deep ambient psychedelic moods but know how to groove those syncopated broken grooves as well.

The forthcoming EP will be their second release, it all began with the self-titled debut album in 2019. 'Clay' will have 2 original tracks and three remixes, one by Ben Hauke and Geoff Roy gave it a remix and dub treatment. UK producer Ben Hauke turned the title track into a club-ready re-shuffle with his deep house flavor and the French Geoff Roy flipped 'Taxi' in a deep introverted 4-to-the-floor vibe. Both used the strong melodic lines of the original tunes and added something that makes it work in different settings. You'll have to wait a little while longer before you can hear those though because the track that we're premiering is the uptempo EP opener 'Clay'. The drums are inspired by classic broken beat patterns with double snares at the end of each bar, reminiscent of tunes like Lyric L's 'Loose Lips' or DKD's 'Future Rage'. It evokes Co-Op vibes in an instant. Saxophonist Paul Schwartz shines bright on here with catchy hooks and a shrieking solo filled with emotion. They're establishing themselves as a band to keep an eye on in the live circuit and I'm looking forward to seeing them travel and move festival crowds abroad in the near future.

The 'Clay' EP will be released exclusively on the Dope Tones Records Bandcamp page on April 4th and April 11th it will drop on all of the other platforms. Until then, you can get your exclusive listen of the title track here:


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James Brown
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