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PREMIERE: Brintex Collective - 'After Twelve'

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

The Rotterdam-based group has been making noise across the country with their energetic and heartfelt performances. But since the band is still in its infancy, it took a while before the music got recorded and made available to your ears at any time. That finally changed at the end of 2022 and the lead-up to their debut EP is most definitely in effect right now!

Christopher Rijckaert, Tommy van Leuken, Joop de Graaf, Brenn Luiten (Photo by HEAZ)

Brintex Collective is a rising group from Rotterdam led by keyboardist/composer Brenn Luiten. Like many today, he is heavily inspired by the sounds of the UK jazz wave that are currently flooding the globe, in particular artists such as Alfa Mist, Joe-Armon Jones, Yussef Dayes, but also jazz-rooted artists from the States like Robert Glasper played a big role in the path to finding the right blend for that Brintex sound.

We had a chance to get to know them personally in October 2021 during the Amarte Studio Concerts project, when we invited nine Dutch artists to play an intimate live set for a small group of people. This happened in between and during lockdowns at the time, when it was almost impossible for musicians to play live because of all the restrictions. These performances were a special moment in time (see the above video to get an idea). There is a compilation being pressed on vinyl with recordings of these sessions which will be released as Loyal To The Soil Vol.1. The featured Brintex Collective tune is a live rendition of their first single, named 'Anthem'. The studio version came out in October last year and was the first official release of their forthcoming debut EP, which should arrive somewhere in the spring of 2023.

The second Brintex single arrived via the compilation Modern Intimacy Vol.2 at the end of November '22 and is released on Carista's United Identities label. It's a beautiful composition called 'Whistle', which contains a melody you'll most likely find yourself whistling randomly the moment it finds its way into your sub-conscience. Brenn's songwriting does that to you. He knows how to translate the complex into something you'll still remember and keep on humming after pretty much the first listen.

Today we're bringing you the premiere of 'After Twelve', a 10-minute masterpiece.

Starting off with a magical flute theme by Fanni Zahár that lures you into their forest of grooves, taking you on a journey of warmth, wonder, and tranquility. Once the track reaches the end it is hard to believe that it was actually 10 minutes, but I guess that's what good music can do to you. It stops time.

'After Twelve' will be released on January 13th (which is tonight after twelve) and we'll be listening to it until the EP arrives. Keep an eye on this year's festivals, and if you see Brintex Collective on the line-up - make sure you get to experience them live!


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James Brown
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