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PREMIERE: Kunde - 'Sundays'

The multi-faceted Belgian artist Kunde explores his instrumental freedom on the colourfully layered 19 track beat-tape Meanwhile. Catch a first listen of the closing beat today!

Ghent, Belgium-based vocalist, keyboardist, rapper and producer Kunde is about to release a beat-tape, yes on an actual cassette tape. Crafting beats has been a thing he did for at least 15+ years already, but in recent years the Cameroonian Belgian also fronted live bands. To understand some of this man's versatility the video below will provide a quick window into some of his universe.

Kunde's name means 'freedom' in Basa, one of the countless languages spoken in Cameroon. This powerful name has a direct connection to his grandfather, who fought as a political activist for independence. Some of that freedom is clearly represented in everything this creative spirit sets his mind to. None of his projects sound the same and he's not afraid to step out of any comfort zones to explore new techniques and ways of making music. Where as before on his older productions Kunde still made use of sampling old records, on this forthcoming tape he recorded it all in his studio. During last years lockdown shenanigans Kunde listened to and experimented a lot with instrumental music, trying out different harmonic melodic colours and off-grid grooves.

The project will be released on fellow Belgian DTM Funk's record label San-kofa Rhythm Records. The DJ, tastemaker and label owner hasn't been slowing down in the current climate. A couple of months ago he opened up a small recordstore inside a barbershop in Antwerp called Labi & Funk. At the same time the release schedule continued right after the brilliant compilation Black Gravity Rhythms Vol.1. David (DTM Funk) set their sails for a first cassette release on the label, to not just expand their already eclectic roster, but the format along with it. It's called a beat-tape for a reason, right?

The track we'll be premiering today is fittingly titled 'Sundays', which is the breezy last track on the tape. With audible inspiration coming from producers like Kiefer and MXXWLL, this infectious lazy groove has various sparkly melodic phrases playfully bouncing off each other. It's the kind of beat you love to hear when you open up your windows and the scent of summer floats in. Hopefully this article, and tune, reaches you in time to start off your day with Kunde's laidback headnodder and will set the mood for a real smooth Sunday.

The full Meanwhile EP drops on August 6th and will get released digitally next to a limited run of tapes. Pre-order HERE!


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James Brown
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