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PREMIERE: September Sun - 'Morning Song'

This brand-new project by established producers/multi-instrumentalists Don Pascal and Tom Funk echoes the beauty of '70s spiritual jazz and adds the flavor of contemporary UK jazz. The result is two wonderful tracks that will make you want to dream off into a sunset with nothing but peace of mind and a loving heart.

September Sun is a brand-new project by two seasoned producers from the UK: Don Pascal and Tom Funk. Both are definitely not new to the world of music though. Don Pascal is originally from Toulouse, France. He moved to Paris, Barcelona, Dakar, Miami and now he's based in London. Some noteworthy releases are The Cali Experiment from 2014 and more recently, his incredible The Dakar Experiment from 2020 where he fuses inspiration from Senegal with London's broken beat.

Tom Funk is the mastermind behind The Sultan's Swing and played most of the instruments on all releases under that moniker. For their new project September Sun, they called a few musicians who are currently killing it on the jazz circuit in the UK. Drummer extraordinaire Myele Manzanza (Mark de Clive-Lowe/Jordan Rakei) was born and raised in New Zealand but is based in the UK today and Tamar Osborn (Dele Sosimi/Jessica Lauren) blessed the songs with her entrancing sax and flute playing.

Don Pascal (above), Tom Funk (below)

Their debut will contain two tracks: one named after the project 'September Sun' and the other one called 'Morning Song'. Both take a lot of inspiration from 1970s spiritual jazz, such as Leon Thomas and Pharoah Sanders. Personally, the track 'September Sun' reminds me of the wonderful 'Sun Song', originally released in 1985. Both songs are top-notch. Instrumentals with mesmerizing flute and saxophone solos that will take you on a mental journey if you just close your eyes. Let's hope this is just the beginning and more music is coming our way soon. This truly is music for the soul.

The release will be out on June 24th via Lazy Robot Records on digital platforms and will also get a limited pressing on 7" next month. Don't miss out!

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James Brown
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