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PREMIERE: sUb_modU – 'All Around (Renegades Of Jazz Remix)'

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

The German musical glutton Renegades of Jazz remixes himself into the broken realm.

Romeo Sandri (sUb_modU)

More than twenty years ago, the British Robert Luis and Paul Jonas founded the cool independent record label Thru Thoughts in Brighton. In those twenty years, they released a lot of wonderful things and bits, including music by Bonobo, Ego Ella May, and recently new work by Steppin' affiliate Kuna Maze.

Who has also been releasing music on the label for a few years now is the Italian multi-instrumentalist Romeo Sandri, better known as sUb_modU. This time Sandri comes with a new EP, Gravity, of which we premiere one track here at Steppin’ Into Tomorrow:

David Hanke (Renegades Of Jazz)

The German Renegades of Jazz (David Hanke) is known for his fast-jazzy, unpolished, heavy but always swinging productions, mostly released on Wass records, Agogo records, and of course on his own Bathurst imprint. All of that can be heard well on this new track, with some newfound elements on top.

His interpretation of the track All Around is a wonderful listen and is a fairly recognizable approach in the jazzy broken beat scene, with smooth dreamy synths, functional percussion, and laidback keyboard playing. The track is therefore full of funk but at the same time also modest and feels fast and intrusive but at the same time calming. This remix is a bit slicker, goody-goody, and a bit more electronic and solid than Hanke's earlier work (listen to the totally mysterious and unpredictable album Paradise Lost, for example). But it certainly doesn't lose any character.

Renegades of Jazz is a free reference to the groundbreaking track Renegades of Funk, performed by both the iconic American genre-breaker Afrika Bambaataa and the band Rage Against The Machine. Like Bambaataa, Hanke also clearly connects the building blocks of different genres while still showing just the right amount of respect for his sources of inspiration.

The EP artist, sUb_modU, has already collected a nice list of supporters with his previous work (including Gilles Peterson of WWFM, Ross Allen of NTS, and the late Virgil Abloh). This EP, and this Renegades Of Jazz remix par excellence, will undoubtedly also be featured in better radio shows.

'All Around (Renegades Of Jazz Remix)' will be released on Thursday, March 31st, as part of sUb_modU's EP 'Gravity'. The complete tracklist:

sUb_modU - ”Gravity / Renegades Of Jazz & V.B.Kuhl”

  1. Gravity

  2. All Around (Renegades Of Jazz Remix)

  3. Gravity (V.B. Kuhl Remix)

Now, without any further ado, get your first listen on.


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James Brown
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