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A slamming new project involving Kid Sublime will be released on CoOperation Records this week. We're bringing you a closer look into the story and a first listen!

Misho, Beka & Kid

TURBULANCE is the name of a collaborative project by three heavy hitters in their own right: Kid Sublime, Beka Gochiashvili & Misho Urushadze. Let me give you a brief introduction on the gentlemen:

One of Amsterdam's most prolific producers is Kid Sublime, without a doubt. His first release dates back to 2001 and he dropped 5 albums and over 25 12" EP's since then, not even counting all the numerous collabs, features and remixes. Next to that he's been actively DJ-ing and even MC-ing. Somewhere along the line Kid met up with Misho Urushadze, who is from Tblisi, Georgia (the country in Eastern Europe not the U.S. state) but lived in Amsterdam at the time. Misho is a musician, DJ, producer and mixing engineer. He had his own band back in Georgia and worked with lots of musicians & MC's on various hiphop, funk & jazz productions. One of the talents he frequently works with is Beka Gochiashvili, an incredible pianist prodigy who has been playing with the legendary bassist Stanley Clarke since he was only 16 and is still part of his band today. Beka, who just turned 25, started at the early age of 3 and was already playing in clubs at 10. He has won several prizes, attended the prestigious Juilliard conservatory and been around the globe with the heaviest in the jazz circuit. So he can PLAY.

We first knew of the project right when it happened in 2017 through Kid Sublime's social media posts. The sparks were flying off the screen and it was clear they were having some incredible sessions in Kid's (former) studio The Padded Room in Amsterdam. Beka's versatility on the keys shines bright and it is the melodic icing on top of the always-funky beats Kid was cookin' up. The guys had about 5 sessions in between Beka's touring to lay down the tracks. Misho then arranged it, recorded several musicians and co-produced & mixed it.

This was the moment I bumped into him during an ADE in-store session at Black Gold record store. He had the pre-mastered version with him on his laptop and gave me the pleasure of hearing it in full right there on the spot. I've loved every second of it and have been awaiting its release ever since.

Then the album had to get mastered and needed a home at the right label somewhere. With the broken beat sound they went for, it was on obvious choice that it had to be done in London. Kid spoke to his good friend producer Inkswel & the late great Phil Asher (RIP), who functioned as A&R director for the project. They made the connection with Afronaut & Mark Force of CoOperation Records and it was an instant click. Some time went by, Covid happened and things slowed down a little. But the wait is finally over and first response has been wild from bruk aficionados all over the world.

TURBULANCE is not just the name of the group and album, it also sums up the energy of the turbulent sessions in the studio, the aftermath in the finishing of the album and now finally in the unleashing of it into the world. We sure hope this isn't the last time they've worked on a project, as hectic as those jams can be. There has been word of a remix EP coming up that involves some of the original Bugz In The Attic. More on that soon!

The two videos included in here are the raw moments of those 2017 recording sessions. You hear the original blueprint of 'CoffeeShop Joint' in the first clip and the second one shows Beka jamming out the chords for the track we're bringing you today: 'Splash Radar'.

To have seen these first moments caught on tape and now hear it in its final form years later is very special. It completes the full circle and portrays the flow of inspiration at its most pure.

The self-titled album by TURBULANCE will be released this Friday May 7th via CoOperation Records and you can get a first listen of the incredible 'Splash Radar' below.

Pre-order HERE.


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James Brown
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