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Raven Kangee shares pillow talk on Sky Break Open

Hailing from Amersfoort, Raven Kangee is currently making waves with his first solo EP, filled with colorful sounds and introspective lyrics.

There is something in the water of Amersfoort. Creatives in the city are collaboratively building and rooting for each other in the fields of music and arts. Raven Kangee is situated right in the middle of this vibrant scene and strokes it with a colourful palette. His equally colourful EP Pillow is currently rolling out, which is not his first musical endeavour.

The Amersfoort-native high-energy funk band Three Little Clouds were making waves during the last festival seasons before the pandemic and their songs are equally joyous, playful and dance-inducing. Kangee expressed himself through MCing, encouraging him to start his own path as a rapper. Trading the funk for more jazzy compositions by his fellow bandmate Tekijo, the Pillow EP now tunes down the BPM and swank, which give space to mellow chords and Kangee's penmanship through introspective lyrics. You can clearly hear that on the first single of the upcoming EP, City Kids.

With TOS taking care of the hooks, Raven presents a laid-back groove and a flow that is equally matching. His monotone vocal delivery is reminiscent of artists like Curren$y, Mac Miller, or Devin the Dude. This leaves room for TOS and the soothing instrumental, a successful interplay. The song feels like the summer jam we need, while also paying homage to Amersfoort and cities that make people more generally.

The conspicuous cover art illustrates Raven's creative eye for detail. His creative expression not only includes his penmanship but his affinity with the brushes too. All 7 tracks from the EP are accompanied by a corresponding visual art piece.

The second single Sky Break Open just dropped and feels like a continuing invitation into the world the EP is building where vulnerability and openness play an important role. The song structure, catchy hook, and vocal lines on the verses give the tune its pop appeal which sets the mood for moments of reflection found in the lyrics.

The common thread between these creative expressions is Raven's love for Hip-Hop culture. Graffiti, MCing, and music production converge in his paintings, tunes, and art pieces. Of course, breaking is a staple element of Hip-Hop as well, but we'll have to wait and see whether his b-boy skills hold up in the other upcoming music videos. Nevertheless, the convergence of Hip-Hop is very present in the visualities, music selection, and presentation of the EP. This convergence, then, leads to the final remark that–in my humble opinion–truly turns something into art.

Concepts in music are always a plus for us. The creative that he is, Raven presents an interesting introspective concept that threads the EP together. Against a backdrop of laidback grooves, soulful chords, and overall a sun-drenched sound with rays piercing through the densest clouds, Raven asks the questions quotidian life may have the answers to. In moments of introspection, he shares these thoughts one usually holds to him or herself. There is something very powerful and cathartic in this performance of vulnerability and it's always a good source for artistic expression, which Raven is able to capture in the Pillow EP.

The EP will release on August 19th and we'll keep you informed about Raven Kangee.


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James Brown
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