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Steppin' teams up with Super-Sonic Jazz for a special family night

Super-Sonic Jazz and Steppin' Into Tomorrow are both platforms based in Amsterdam and have a mutual mission of bringing to the forefront contemporary artists who find themselves at the cutting-edge end of the jazz spectrum. The 5th edition of Super-Sonic Jazz festival happened a little over a week ago and was filled with incredible local and international acts, such as Bnnyhunna, Alfa Mist, muva of Earth, Ashley Henry, Makaya Mccraven, and many others.

When the Super-Sonic head honcho KC The Funkaholic reached out for a collaborative event to close off the year properly, it was a no-brainer for us. This Saturday, December 3rd we're bringing you three up-and-coming acts based in the Netherlands. Scroll down to get familiar.


The first act of the night is going to be Y.O.P.E., a project led by bass player/composer Joop de Graaf (Brintex Collective). Together with Portuguese drummer Luis Possollo he developed his demos into smashing live tracks, which culminated in the release of their debut EP Lost But Here. Inspired by the current wave of UK acts such as Yussef Dayes, Alfa Mist & others, yet a clear distinct sound of their own is very much present. The idea behind this record was to create a beat tape aimed at the dance floor with the improvisational freedom characteristic to jazz. The EP is a great introduction, but I'm sure that these tracks will be executed differently on stage, especially with that live energy in the room. Be on time, their set starts at 7:30 pm sharp!


The second performance will be by RADIOHOP, four young gentlemen who have been closely intertwined with Steppin' since forming of the group almost two years ago. The four conservatory students all hail from different countries and quickly bonded over their love for D'Angelo, J Dilla, Kiefer, and 70s jazz funk. Their first performance in front of a crowd was during our very first try-out event for Amarte Studio Concerts. The chemistry amongst them was clearly felt by all of the 30 people who were able to be present (this happened during Covid times, remember that restriction?) and it was clear we were in the presence of a very special group of new musicians. Since then we programmed RADIOHOP on several of our events, such as the open-air stage in the Vondelpark and the cozy Badhuis Oedipus in Amsterdam East. They've been growing enormously and became in-demand players for other groups and projects as well, but now it's time to fully hear their own tight grooves, rich soulful chords, and adventurous songwriting in full glory.

Helena Casella

Last, but most definitely not least, of the night will be the wonderful vocalist Helena Casella. A vocalist with a velvet voice and a pen that writes genuine songs close to her heart. With a broad musical interest and artistic family, Helena's life was bound to be filled with beautiful melodies and rhythms. When hearing her songs I'm thinking of Cleo Sol, The Internet, and Erykah Badu, but it also sounds like none of them. Helena is a real hidden gem in the Dam and this snippet of her song 'Proceed' will have you on the edge of your seat and longing for it to be released.

This, and many other tracks, will get recorded in early 2023, meaning that on Saturday night all of the artists will bring a bunch of fresh music straight from our own soil. Without a doubt is this going to be an amazing night and if you're curious about the sound of tomorrow in the Netherlands, this is THE night to discover it. We're very excited and hope to see many of you there!

Saturday, December 3rd, 2022 - Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam

Start: 7 pm

End: 11 pm

Entrance: 10,- Euro


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James Brown
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