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10 sound reasons to watch the 'Digging For Weldon Irvine' documentary

Pianist, composer, writer, mentor, poet, rapper, and all-around influential artist Weldon Irvine Jr. has been highly instrumental in the black arts. Next week on Thursday June 16th we're going to screen the documentary 'Digging For Weldon Irvine' at the Melkweg in Amsterdam. To give you a little glimpse of his legacy DJ Leroy Rey connected a few dots so you'll get an idea of Weldon's brilliance and broad influence.

Without Weldon,

- Tribe never made an 'Award Tour'

- The Kats didn’t 'Funk For Jamaica'

- Freddie Hubbard indeed would have 'Let Her Go'

- Mos Def never told us what 'Umi Says'

- KRS never gave us his 'Philosophy'

- Casual never would tell to 'Get Off It'

- There would be Fatback, but no 'Fatbackin’

- Getto Kitty couldn’t tell the people to 'Stand Up & Be Counted'

- Nina & Aretha didn’t inform the world what it is to be 'Young, Gifted & Black'

- And we would never have this beautiful 'Morning Sunrise'

If only he hadn’t 'Been Away So Long' ..

Don’t miss it!


'Digging For Weldon Irvine'

June 16th | 20.00h.

Melkweg Cinema


James Brown
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