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Legendary jazz-funk bass player Paul Jackson passed away at the age of 73.

The Headhunters co-founder was mostly known for playing with Herbie Hancock on all the seminal 70s albums. To further showcase his rich legacy I picked 10 all-time personal favourite tracks that feature Paul's iconic basslines.

Today the sad news arrived that legendary bass player Paul Jackson has left us.

Bass players, and many instrumentalists in general, often operate in the dark shadows of the stage (and history). Therefore I'm sure lots of people have no clue on his name, how influential his playing was and on which essential tracks he added his magic. Connecting the dots of past and present is one of the things we stand for. Thats why I picked these 10 incredible tracks with many of them having bits you'll most likely recognise from sample-based hiphop music.

It's no coincidence there are multiple tunes in this list that I consider all-time favourites. Paul knew exactly what to play to take a track to the next level. I wont bore you with any more words as his playing will surely do all the talking for him. So let's dive in, pay extra attention to the bass and let his timeless tone take over.

Lenny White - 'Sweet Dreamer' (1977)

Oliver Sain - 'On The Hill' (1972)

Roger Glenn - 'Don't Leave' (1976)

Herbie Hancock - 'Chameleon' (1973)

Headhunters - 'God Made Me Funky' (1975)

Azteka - 'Can't Take The Funk Out Me' (1972)

Eddie Henderson - 'Kudu' (1976)

Azar Lawrence - 'Theme For A New Day' (1976)

Bill Summers - 'Brazilian Skies' (1977)

Herbie Hancock - 'Come Running To Me' (1978)

These were just 10 tunes that came to mind when hearing about his passing. If you liked them as much as I do then I suggest you to go dig even deeper into his discography. Next time you find a record and it has his name on the back, know that it might be one of the best things you ever heard. Read the liner notes and connect the dots, kids.

Thank you, Paul Jackson for your major contribution to so much of the music we love.


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James Brown
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