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Come Into Knowledge: James Brown

Photo by Kay Tee

Following up on our lecture on Stevie, here's the one on The Godfather of Soul himself, James Brown.

As mentioned in the previous post: Come Into Knowledge is a monthly lecture series hosted by Mo Wrights and myself. In each episode, we shine a light on an artist/group/style/label or era and tell the stories behind key songs, classic albums, and musical game-changers.

This edition was all about the Soul Brother no.1 and his immense, sprawling discography. Three hours and then some were - of course - far too short to cover it in its entirety, but our efforts went a long way. The results can be listened to here:

January 15th, we're doing our 3rd edition - online this time. This one is gonna be all about Motown. Exactly 62 yrs ago, in January, this legendary label was founded.

After delving through the discography of the Soul Brother no.1, Motown is another massive undertaking. There's so much great music being released on either the main label or its many subsidiaries. We're very much looking forward to it.

Join us online on Saturday, January 15th, streaming live from Feed Amsterdam between 13h - 17h!

Photo by Kay Tee


James Brown
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