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Come Into Knowledge: Stevie Wonder

This is a venture, which has been brewing for a long time, and since restrictions made it almost impossible for either live music or DJ sets, this immediately came to mind.

We somehow have to carry the torch, and still bring music in these dark times.

Picture by Tijmen de Nooy.

Come Into Knowledge is a monthly lecture, hosted by Mo Wrights and myself. In each episode we shine light on an artist/group/style or era, and tell the stories behind key songs, classic albums and musical game-changers. Our first edition, we delved into the Wondrous world of Stevie and the second edition was all about The Godfather of Soul, James Brown.

Both times, it was a blessing being surrounded by like-minded listeners and aficionados, with a healthy dose of interest about what’s behind the music and how that came about to be. For the first lecture we took you through the music of Stevie Wonder. From the offset of his career at Motown in the 60s to his inspirational 70s run, we connected Stevie’s sound to the history in which they emerged.

Picture by Tijmen de Nooy.

I've been knowing most of the material from these two artists by heart, but during the process of revisiting and listen to it again with fresh ears and new angles, it’s almost confounding how the songs reveal themselves differently than the hundreds of times you’ve heard them before. The power of music!

On both dates, the lectures were streamed live as well as recorded.

The Stevie lecture is already up on our Mixcloud, listen here:

The lecture on James Brown is gonna be up in a few days.

And on January 15th, we're having our third edition, sadly only online, but bear with us.

We'll be diving deep into the history of Motown, the legendary label that started in January 1959. Tune in and join us in a couple of weeks.

Picture by Tijmen de Nooy.


James Brown
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