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Duke Hugh drops long awaited EP on UK imprint Dance Regular.

One of our favourite Dutch producers is back with another brilliant collection of vibrant dance floor fire!

Duke Hugh is a multi-instrumentalist, producer & DJ who hails from the north of the Netherlands and is located in the city of Groningen.

His widely appreciated debut album 'Canvas' got released in 2016 on Rhythm Section International, Bradley Zero's label, and immediately put him on the map of global DJs and soulful music aficionados. With a wide-ranging palette of inspirations, instruments and skills he always knows how to craft his tunes with a strong melodic structure but simultaneously will never-not have a sophisticated groove bouncing underneath. This became the unique footprint we came accustomed to love dearly.

A year later the 'Approaching Lights' EP came out on the German Music Of Color label and featured the fantastic 'Broken Samba', one of my personal faves by him and have played in many DJ sets all over the globe. This tune never failed to get a reaction from the crowds and will continue to do so for many years I believe. What an absolute timeless gem!

Duke Hugh's brand-new output continues his signature marriage of soulful house, broken beats & electronica. Most of his work has been instrumental, so to hear the opener on 'Common Ground' being blessed with vocals by one of the UK's rising vocalists Renato Paris has been a pleasant surprise! Story goes that it was an instrumental at first, got played at a club in London to test it, crowd loved it, then Renato came to the booth feeling it and wanted to freestyle over it on the spot. He did and everyone knew this had to be recorded for the official release. We're glad it did because it ended up being one of the highlights.

This EP fits right in on EVM128 & James Rudie's label of dance floor-heated hotness and with their 4th vinyl release it is evident that they're not playing around and are becoming one of the go-to labels for todays broken beat-affiliated sound.

'Common Ground' is out now via Dance Regular.


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James Brown
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