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Introducing JELISA, a multi-talented versatile artist, blossoming into her music career

Get to know the Amsterdam-based Jelisa van Schijndel with South American roots. In between rehearsals and busy schedules, we still managed to speak with her over the phone. A soft-spoken voice and yet is powerful and determined to know what she wants. A short introduction and timeline about the rise and blooming of JELISA, she is just getting started!

Jelisa already felt at an early stage of her life she was drawn to music, dancing, and developing her creativity. Starting to write her own songs when she was young, on a regular base, until today, indicates her passion for expressing herself through music. With support from both of her parents, her career kickstarted with performing and expressing herself immediately after she finished her study of Performing Arts. She evolved into an all-around artist whether it was acting, modeling, dancing, singing, songwriting, or playing instruments. Throughout all the experiences she now decided she wanted to focus on one profession; making her own music and performing her own songs on stage with musicians that align with her and her vision.

Although JELISA is fresh to the music scene, she owns the full package and proves she is ready to bloom artistically and enrich the music scene with songs and experience she has to offer to the world.

On the phone with her we spoke about things that had an impact on her musical growth. For example, during the Covid period, Jelisa felt a void and hunger to develop herself, so she bought Ableton to start learning more about the process of producing. This process was helpful to understand her own vision and purpose in music and eventually, it played an important part in the artists' musical development. Her first release "Leave Me Be" in 2021 didn't stay unnoticed and it didn't take long before the follow-up single 'Sometimes' hit the airwaves.

Inspired by artists like Nina Simone, D'Angelo, and Prince, she naturally navigated her sound toward neo-soul, alternative r&b, with a hint of modern jazz. With the release of her first EP in 2022, "Season Of Vulnerability" as an independent artist, JELISA gained global recognition through the internet, live recordings, and on stage.

As a listener, you might feel that the way JELISA expresses herself through her music is coming straight from the heart, with a voice that flows easily into a dreamy vibe.

So far she gave us two single releases in 2023, 'Hiding' and 'Morning'. But JELISA keeps up the pace and recently did a live recording session for Super-Sonic Jazz's new online concept The Incredible Shrinking Band. JELISA and her band performed an unreleased song called 'My Way, Anyway'. A yearn for more, and an artist to keep your eyes on!

JELISA will be performing live at Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam for a special night by Super-Sonic Jazz and Grachtenfestival, together with UK heavyweight STEAM DOWN and Rotterdam-based producer/DJ Beau Zwart, on Saturday, August 19th, click here for the link.

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