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Dragonfruit returns with 'Honeymoon Phase', a liberating EP for the dance floor

The Rotterdam-based quartet just released their latest EP, a five-tracker that consists of bright synths, mid-tempo grooves, catchy hooks, and an overall uplifting vibe. The songwriting is strong, the production is quality and the group looks ready to expand its fanbase and reach many more ears this summer.

Pictures by Segraphy

Dragonfruit arrived on the Dutch scene in 2019 with their first single 'Gears Of The Giant Machine', which is also what they named their 2021 debut album. Personally, the first time I heard of them was through a live video of the second single 'Some Say' for Sofar Sounds which caught my eye in 2020. I instantly loved their soulful sound and their motto at the time was "Born out of a love for sample-hiphop and neo-soul." That description sounded golden to me, so I kept a close eye on their next moves. Unfortunately, it didn't take long before Covid changed everyone's plans for full two years. This situation didn't stop them from making moves, though.

At the end of 2020, the Super Sonic Jazz Festival decided to do an online edition and had Dragonfruit as one of the eight performing artists on the line-up. Everyone played a few tracks and the entire recording was broadcasted online and on Dutch national television.

In 2021 the group did a special recording session with the Cloud Orchestra in the middle of Amsterdam's most sacred venue, Paradiso. Watch the video here. The two recorded tracks also came out via the Paradiso Vinyl Club on limited 7-inch vinyl.

The group consists of the bandleader Anton de Bruin (keys/production), Danique van der Vlugt (vocals), Bryan Manuel (bass), and Thijmen Molema (drums). Sjoerd Huissoon is credited as co-producer with Anton and they also mixed all the tracks together. Most songs were written by Danique and Anton, with the exception of the title track 'Honeymoon Phase' and 'Space Traveler'. On these tracks, the LA-based songwriter's Cooper Bell and Daniel Davila added their magic as well.

Their new EP continues the soulful approach of the previous releases but blends alternative R&B with elements of house music and even electronic pop. Dragonfruit found their unique sound, and while it might be hard to describe what that is, the refreshing and infectious cocktail will make it easy to listen to. Or even better, liberate yourself on the dance floor.

The full Honeymoon Phase EP is out now via Wicked Wax, also pressed on limited pink vinyl. Order it here!

Make sure to catch Dragonfruit live at their release shows in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, or Hilversum:


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