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PREMIERE: Deborah Slijkhuis - 'Voices Of Wisdom'

Updated: Jan 10

Deborah Slijkhuis; 26-year-old bass player, pianist, vocalist, composer, and producer takes a very holistic and spiritual approach to music, which we can see not only through the concepts surrounding them but also in the music itself.

Starting her career at a very young age by writing and recording her own songs, she holds the hope that people will be able to connect with her music on a deeper level and find a further meaning to life.

Her debut album Phrases of Freedom came out in 2021. The idea behind this record was to document her finding freedom within herself. Each track takes you deeper into this pursuit, allowing a very personal story to be shared, as you the listener are taken along this journey with her.

Her second album ‘Rosa’ will be released in 2023, in ways a continuation from the last, the sequel allows the music to ‘spread its wings’. Something Deborah has done with her music is cross the borders between public and private, the ideas behind the music are very personal and internal, for example, the name 'Rosa' comes from a series of personal compositions on the subject of family, but the beautiful way in which it is composed and shared makes it completely relatable.

The track 'Voices of Freedom' is the first single released of this album and we at Steppin' are extremely happy to premier this groovy and danceable, yet tranquil and cozy piece.

'Voices of Wisdom' was live recorded in the Conservatory of Amsterdam and post-produced in the Box studio in Zwolle. Deborah states:

"The song is about all the voices of people that have spoken from the heart, which means wisdom to me. Those wisdoms surround all of us and help us to live better. This surrounding and repeating cycle of wisdoms is something I portrayed in the music by using repeated drones in the vocals."

Acting as an instrument in their own right, Amsterdam-based Helena Casella & Talullah Rose’s vocals are the main focus of this piece. They take the listener down a road of internal monologues, confrontational discussions, and celebrated cheer. Whilst Leonardo Boccardo on alto saxophone and Ketija Ringa Karahona on flute contribute to the conversation with their delicate solos.

Track artwork by Doortje Viooltje

The artwork for the single was made by Doortje Viooltje, it stays within Deborah’s mantra of everything being part of something bigger, as it is taken from a larger painting which was made for 'Rosa'.


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James Brown
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