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PREMIERE: Turbojazz - 'Free Jaxx ft Brisa'

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

The Milano madhouse that is Turbojazz is finally coming with a full-length solo album and we're here to sneak preview one of the heaviest cuts on there. Scroll down for a quick read into his discography and get familiar if you're not already.

Tommaso Garofalo aka Turbojazz is an Italian-born and bred producer & DJ who's been dropping a lot of heat over the last 10 years. His name appeared on labels such as Local Talk, BBE, G.A.M.M., Boogie Cafe, CoOp Presents, Reel People Music, CT-Hi Records, and others. He became a name I fastly had to know more about and have been following for at least the last six years. Every release consistently had quality tracks on there that smashed the dance floors in various countries. So far his discography includes mostly EPs, lots of remixes, and some compilation features but not a solo album yet. This week that is finally going to change because it's ready and about to be unleashed upon Earth's inhabitants.

Next to his own solo output, Tommaso is also part of the jazz-funk and house-inspired supergroup Jaxx Madicine. The trio consists of Parker Madicine, Turbojazz, and keyboardist Veezo. Together they have released three EPs and an album called Distant Classic, which featured the beautiful artwork of Japanese painter Tokio Aoyama (who we've covered in a previous article here).

After all this, it really feels like the right time for Tommaso to put out his debut album and showcase all the various sides of his sound. He's been involved in the wonderful world of music for twenty years now and that's a milestone worth celebrating either way. When he introduced the album back in September, Tommaso dropped the absolutely stunning single 'The Standard' with it, which became one of my most-played tunes of 2022, I believe.

For today's premiere, we've received the honor to bring you 'Free Jaxx', which features Japanese producer Brisa as well. Fast-paced hi-hats, half-tempo drums, lush chords, lots of synths, and a soulful saxophone on top. This is a tune alright! With 3:37 min on the clock, it's not that long, but that's where the repeat button comes in handy.

Whateverism will be out on February 10th via Last Forever Records and you can pre-order through Juno here.


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James Brown
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