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PREMIERE: SofaTalk - 'Little One'

The Italian sure-shot producer SofaTalk is back with another bangin' EP featuring 4 sizzling tracks for the dance floor. 'Little One' is the most experimental one on there with its blend of various electronic styles and a jazz fusion-esque bass guitar soloing madly throughout.

The Italian producer Piero Paolinelli aka SofaTalk has been filling up my radio shows and playlists with tons of heat over the last 10 years. With at least 15 EPs released on various labels, such as Roots Underground, ANMA Records, Ten Lovers Music, Nómada Records, and even an EP on the Dutch label of our friends from INI Movement, he's been building quite a name for himself amongst fans of soulful electronic music with a jazz-like spirit. Not too long ago in June, he dropped the incredible Afro Quarters EP with fellow Italian XL Regular, which has been a favorite of mine over the summer. Piero's work ethic is strong and we're here for it!

As the label boss of Cognitiva Records Piero's been pushing similar forward-thinking soulful electronic music as his own, starting off with his EP 'Diforismo' in 2017. So far the label had 8 releases and introduced us to multiple new artists on the fantastic 'Outlines V.A.' compilation, and recently the duo Re:Fill, which we also covered with a premiere.

Ok, let's dive into the track we're premiering today: 'Little One'. It's a very unique piece, with elements of broken beat, jazz fusion, and even trap in a way. In theory, you might be unsure of all that working together, but hearing how he executed this will instantly change your mind. The storytelling bass is the leading factor here and echoes greats like Jaco Pastorious (Weather Report), who innovated the bass guitar in the late 70s, brought it to the forefront, and whose style became the blueprint of Thundercat's style. With this track, SofaTalk demonstrates his constant path of exploration, and if there's ever any electronic tracks that'll scrunch up your face with a classic stankface multiple times throughout, this is most definitely one of them.

The Million Toes EP will be released on all digital platforms on October 1st via the Bristol & Rotterdam-based label Boogie Cafe Records.


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James Brown
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