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PREMIERE: Kaidi Tatham - 'Endless Resumption'

The newly founded French label Nine Eleven Records is about to release their first compilation 'Autumn', including modern day jazz-tinged tracks by Footshooter, SofaTalk, LBTQ and one of UK's finest: Kaidi Tatham. We are more than honoured to present you this beauty by the king himself!

Kaidi Tatham is probably one of the artists we mentioned most on our platform and in the radio shows. That is due to his obvious brilliance but also because of his insane high frequency of releasing music. The incredible An Insight To All Minds solo album was released in April via First Word Records and contained 15 tracks, which we are still digesting. Then a month later he quickly dropped a two track 7" for the 7 Inch Nails -series on Sounds Familiar. Then the multi-instrumentalist & producer jumped on several remix duties for Allysha Joy, Hadiya George, Potatohead People ft De La Soul, Rob Edwards and just last week, Nubya Garcia. Mind you, this is all in the past 4 months and I probably missed something too. The man is still just as prolific after 25 years of consistent quality and remains to have got loads to say musically. Recently Kaidi started teaming up with the Rotterdam-based Trian Kayhatu, one of Hollands hidden gems and someone who I always considered to be one of the only people that are in the same lane of brilliance. Both are modern-day geniuses in my book and the first glimpses of their collaboration already sound out of this world. More on that soon!

On the forthcoming track 'Endless Resumption' sir Kaidi showcases his inimitable signature detailed jazz-funk sound. With beautiful soul stirring chord progressions on the keys, broken beat drum patterns that rhythmically flow along with the funked up bass notes, story telling solo's on the Rhodes & piano and to top it off, like he frequently does, a change near the end of the song to lift you just a little higher than you already were at that point. In this case it must be somewhere among the stars a few galaxies away. Kaidi Tatham created a universe of his own and I'm thankful he's sharing so much of his genius with us mortals.

The tune is part of a compilation series called 4 Seasons, with the very first one starting it off during the arrival of the upcoming Autumn this month. Next to Kaidi there will be tunes by fellow UK producer Footshooter, the Italian-born Sofatalk, who also lives in the UK, and the French group of musicians LBTQ. A great combination of like-minded artists who all push todays sound with a heavy dose of jazz in its core.

The French brand-new label Nine Eleven Records’ sole motto is to "spread out the word that broken beat and jazz are not dead." We acknowledge and like to confirm that this sound is more vibrant than ever and it's always a pleasure to see a new label dedicated to pushing it.

The Autumn compilation will be out on Sept 6th. Pre-order now via Juno.


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James Brown
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