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January staff picks by Steppin'

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Every month, new music reaches us. And with the overload of music on all streaming services, we’re here for you with a monthly selection of fresh music and older records found in the crates by the Steppin’ crew.

Kay: Declaime & Madlib - In The Beginning Vol.3

Label: SomeOthaShip Connect in partnership with Fat Beats

The Oxnard duo of Cali veterans Declaime & Madlib have released the third volume of their compilation series ‘In The Beginning’ consisting of previously unheard tracks from their early collaborative days. Blending hip-hop with funk, jazz, soul, and psychedelia lays the groundwork for so many other emcees and producers. A breath of fresh air.

Label: Golden Angel Record

I was there during the recording. I cried. It was a very intimate performance by Bahghi. Unique, too, with Ronald and Rory supporting her. Very glad the song is part of our compilation. Bahghi and her voice are such a treasure. Make sure to check the full performances here.

Lucas: Ranie Ribeiro - At This Point (feat. Internet Debbie)

Label: Doodles Dilemma

Rotterdam-based producer, DJ, and harpist Ranie Ribeiro just dropped this new track and it draws inspiration of 1970s harp goddess Dorothy Ashby, definitely an instrument we don’t hear enough of these days. Support here.

Walid: Brian O'Neal - Daisy (album)

Label: BCO Media

Some obscure smooth jazz right here. I was thrilled to listen to Brian's music when I found this album. You can quickly realize how rich his smooth jazz music style is, however tacky people might think the genre is. Cut the genre some slack peep the structure and ease of his songs! So obscure, you can only listen to it on Amazon Music.

Til Next Month!

Steppin' Crew


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