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PREMIERE: Jay.Soul - 'Grass Is Greenerrr'

We're back with another exclusive listen for you, this time a double whammy beatstrumental single by Jay.Soul - veteran soul, funk & jazz infused beat producer from Amsterdam. Brace yourselves.

Jeroen van Olffen, also known as Jay.Soul, is an all-in-one producer, beatmaker, composer & musician that has more funk in his pinky toe than most people in their entire bodies. He's been making bangin' beats and producing music for himself or others, for theatre, film & TV for a hot minute. Most sensible influence in his productions being 80s / 90s soulful hip hop and healthy dose of afro house, soul to dubstep, deep disco to reggae, jazzy electronica to latin beats, funk to broken beat, samba to dancehall. On top of that, creating fuzzy feelings in his DJ sets at various occasions. And It Won't Stop.

In the previous years there's been a plethora of sounds beaming from Jeroen's studio. To mention a few, the 6-song EP '020x718' with skilled Brooklyn wordsmith Justo The MC was a bangin' trans-Atlantic collaboration that has lit a few worldwide hip hop dance battles on fire. Another stand-out not-to-be-slept-on-tune is this remix of Rotterdam-based Dutch-Cameroonian singer Ntjam Rosie for the theatre piece 'We Hadden Liefde, We Hadden Wapens' (We Had Love, We Had Weapons).

'Grass Is Greenerrr / All Abouttt She' is the beat-wizards upcoming, soulful double A-side combo single, which follows his last months laid back & spirit lifting 'Have U Everr? / RuffaJazz' release, in collaboration with another groove scientist Mr. Windmill and the early-year album 'Fromthearchives, Vol.2' packed with some ultra-funky, rugged and soulful snacks produced between 1997 and 2010.

'All Abouttt She' is a thick, mellow and oven-warm instrumental hip-hop track with juicy re-arranged vocalchops so laidback and sexy you may need a safety helmet when playing this. A blanket of 90s style filtered basslines and meticulously laid out drums form the solid foundation for all these feels to float on, with vocal samples low-key being re-arranged and shifting patterns along the way.

As you know, it may often seem that the grass is somehow greener on the other side - though it's often just as green (or yellow/brown - we’ve all been there) over yonder. Cherish your current grass is the moral of the story here and the 'Grass Is Greener' tune is a solid soundtrack to that statement. Musically it is a fresh and playful interpretation of a stone-cold soul classic (can you guess which one it is?). Yeah, no deep digging for this one indeed, however the tasteful and effective sampling and beat programming will certainly set the mood for your BBQ sesh, daytime party or DJ set to start the night off with good times.

Without further ado, you're most welcome to hit the play button on today's goodie and make sure you show some love & peep the release once it drops at the end of this week.

Previous Jay.Soul releases have garnered support by the likes of Recordbreakin/Eavesdrop, ColorsxStudios, RBMA, BastardJazz, Dubmission, LDBK Radio, BasicSoul UK, Chanceswithwolves, Rich Medina, Garth Trinidad/KCRW, Lefto, KC The Funkaholic, Kid Sublime, Phil Horneman (Wicked Jazz Sounds), Sweatson Klank, DJ Static / WEFUNK, InfBeats, and more.


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James Brown
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