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Kay Slice takes it home with a vibrant new video

Based in Rotterdam, but with roots in Ghana, rapper and vocalist Kay Slice arrived with a brand-new video that instantly evokes joy. 'Takin It Home' is the latest single off his debut album From Back To Back.

Earlier this year Kay Slice self-released his debut album From Back To Back, with his first official single dating back to 2019. His blend of hip-hop, soul, highlife, and afrobeat is highly infectious and will surely start moving people on dance floors across the globe when it hits them. For the past 3 years, Kay has been working hard to build his name in the Netherlands. He did several TV and radio performances, joined national competitions, and got mentioned by Red Bull in a list of artists-to-watch. He's been building towards this moment and the album portrays a mature artist who's ready to be heard.

One half of the album is done with his Ghanaian band and the other half with Dutch musicians. That already is a clear example of his merging of the two worlds he's living in, which is an extension of his mission of bringing his own music and cultural legacy together. More of this perspective is audible on the album through his lyrics. In 2020 Kay went to Ghana to study and record. This journey brought him as close to himself as possible and this debut album is definitely the result of that.

"I went to Ghana to delve into storytelling, polyrhythms, and the history of Ghanaian music. Storytelling in Ghana is often done in the form of music and through proverbs. Proverbs are visual or metaphorical sentences in which knowledge is shared.” - Kay Slice

The 'Taking It Home' video was shot in Jamestown, a neighborhood in Accra, Ghana. This area is also the birthplace of multiple boxing champions, which is why it's an important source for the strong spirit of the Ghanaians. In his previous video 'Slice M Go', you see the everyday life over there. From markets and bus drivers to young boxers. They're all on the move to earn that bread and live their lives. Kay is also on the move in this video and you really see how he's interacting with its local community. This is daily life in Ghana and even though there's a lot of hustling to survive, the uplifting energy is truly sincere. In the video, Kay wears his traditional clothing with pride, featured Ghanaian vocalist Reynolds The Gentleman, and shows that 'Takin It Home' is really all about bringing the people of his homeland together. You see the culture, food, traditional games, fashion, and vibrant colors. The beauty of Ghana is in full effect and I've added it to my visit list right away!

Kay Slice looks like he's ready to blow up the festival season this year, with Motel Mozaïque in Rotterdam being one of the first on April 22nd. Catch him on a stage near you and till that day, listen to his sun-drenched debut album on repeat.

“They want me to be square but I'm well rounded” - Kay Slice


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James Brown
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