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PREMIERE: Mambele - 'Connections'

The Brussels-based DJ/producer Mambele is about to release his new EP Proton. The soulful beats and Brazilian influences are woven through and will make you ready for an early spring.

The Brussels-based DJ/producer Mambele is a name that has been popping up a lot over the last year in the Belgian scene. It caught our attention on this side of the border and he's been on our radar ever since. He's got residency radio shows on Kiosk Radio and BRUZZ where he takes the listener on beautiful melodic adventures through sound. His selections are always surprising and I suggest you check out his shows if you dig LEFTO and AliA, two of Belgium's top eclectic selectors.

His debut album Ya Yambo dropped in 2018 and showed his versatility right from the jump. One of his main inspirations is hip hop and while he might've been too shy to rap, crafting beats definitely became his thing. Next to his own work, you can also find his name on various productions by fellow-Belgian artists like Zwangere Guy and Juicy.

In March 2021 Mambele released the It's All Good (Don't Be Afraid) EP on Vice City Records. On this record, he explored a more soulful house/broken beat aesthetic aimed at the dance floors. This also shows in the video clip where he called upon the local dancers to come through and shine on the streets of Brussels. We suggest you keep an eye out for Mambele, because he's clearly on a mission of "spreading love through musical experiences."

'Amor Fati' was the first single of his forthcoming project and came out in November 2021. Its light and vibrant mood give you an early sensation of spring, which is something we're all looking forward to. On 'Connections' Mambele takes us deep into the Amazone with his percussive bossa grooves, including authentic guitar playing by featured artist Jacques Jaguar. It's a short track but perhaps just the right breather you'll need today.

The Proton EP will be out this Wednesday, Jan 12th, but we'll give you a first listen of 'Connections' below!


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James Brown
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