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Kuna Maze ticks all the right boxes with his performance of 'Almost Gone'

Live rendition of the Belgian bassist/multi-instrumentalist & producer where he brings one of his latest tracks to life in an incredible session for VOLTA. Kuna Maze is showing us that the current crossover jazz scene of our southern neighbours is on the rise.

The Brussels-based multi-instrumentalist/producer and DJ Kuna Maze is no new name on this platform. We've played several of his tracks in our radio shows and he recorded a guest-mix for the Mixed Feelings-series a couple of months ago. His love for broken beat comes to the surface in his mixes, but is undeniably present in his live sets as well. We've seen some of his mind-blowing performances with the like-minded French producer Nikitch, such as the eloquently titled 'Jazz & Shit'. Their electronically produced releases were already topnotch, but seeing this played live really does add another level to it.

'Almost Gone' is a tight fast-paced killer groove with echoes of Brazilian jazz-funk greats Azymuth and inspiration of London's broken beat patterns. It's great to see one of the EP stand-outs come to life like this and most definitely keeps us longing for more live sets of Kuna Maze. I'm really looking forward to the day where we can bring Kuna with this setup across the border and straight onto an Amsterdam stage. Let's make this happen as soon as the world and its shit-uation allows it.

Check-out his latest EP My Fish Is Burning, out on Tru Thoughts now:


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James Brown
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