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PREMIERE: Basement Membrane - 'Banana'

Brand-new project by the two Georgian madmen Mishulino and Beka Gochiashvili, who we know of the globally praised Turbulance project earlier this year. Intergalactic next level jazz-funk fusion that will melt your brain!

Artwork by Michal Rafaj

Basement Membrane is an insane new project that has its foundation in the lovely country of Georgia, not to confuse with the state in the US. The two close friends Misho Urushadze aka Mishulino and Beka Gochiashvili aka Bjazz11 found each other in Tbilisi and connected on all levels. They collaborated on a lot of live performances and spent countless hours in the studio crafting their version of todays jazz-infused music. Earlier this year we already introduced you to this duo when they released the Turbulance album with Kid Sublime. The combination of Mishulino's productional ear and Beka's insane chops on the keys make them a dynamic duo you can't ignore. Misho sure knows how to get former child prodigy's around him. As we stated in the Turbulance piece, Beka has been playing piano since really young and has been part of the legendary bassist Stanley Clarke's band for almost a decade now. With Basement Membrane they added another member of Clarke's band, drummer Mike Mitchell aka Blaque Dynamite. Mike started playing drums at the age of 2 (!), toured with heavy cats such as Kamasi Washington, Herbie Hancock, Erykah Badu and Derrick Hodge, released several albums as a frontman (which he sings on as well) and apparently those tight grooves had already been running in the veins of his family. Mike's uncle is the incredible Dennis Chambers, who played with people like Don Blackman, Funkadelic, Bernard Wright, Aurra, John Scofield, Santana and many more. The last piece in this powerful puzzle is bass and guitar player Lars Karakusevic, who also co-wrote several of the tracks on this forthcoming album. Beka wrote the rest.

Their debut album Punk Funk is filled with quality musicianship. Each track is groove-oriented with slapping bass notes, syncopated drum patterns and synth licks at the speed of light! 'Smoky' illustrates this perfectly and 'Banana', the album-opener and track we're premiering today is no different. This incredible project kind of continues where Turbulance left us and brought in the live element with top players of the worldwide circuit.

The Punk Funk album will be out on Oct 1st via Inner Tribe. Pre-order now!


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James Brown
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