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Milieu Events is Making Movements

Our friends from Milieu Events are about to make a fabulous return with their first proper affair this year in just a few days. At Steppin', we thought this was a great moment to properly introduce the movement that Milieu represents. With RADIOHOP performing on stage to the jams of a modular synthesizer player, a visual artist simultaneously creating and projecting in real-time, and much more, it's bound to be a unique experience you don't want to miss.

Tijmen de Nooy Photography

Defined as “the physical or social setting in which something occurs or develops”, Milieu is a collective committed to providing social and cultural value to its environment. They came into existence to fill a specific need: to bring people together as a community, and connect in a meaningful way. Linking creatives, as well as providing an inspiring atmosphere where visitors can feel a sense of inclusion, leaving anyone taking part with a lasting, positive impact.

"We envision a world in which we can freely connect and inspire one another to be the most authentic version of ourselves and live a meaningful life."

Through organizing unique events, Milieu strives to produce location-based atmospheres infusing elements of play, music, art, food & drink– where people can embrace the present moment, reconnect with themselves and those around them. Besides their own events, Milieu supports other entities in the creative cultural sector through collaborations, functioning as a showcase platform for creatives as well.

In just a few days, the next endeavor of the Milieu Events collective is coming up in Cinetol Amsterdam. With an intricate name, ‘Movement Making Movement' is about to be an exhibition of different perceptions of movements, focusing on gesture as a process, leaving a trace.

During the event, RADIOHOP will be joined on stage by Jack Fresia on modular synths, while visual artist Romee van Oers will simultaneously create and project art on stage. Mixing different styles of music and visual art, a new artistic territory will be created, only to be lived by those who are in the moment. Embracing improvisation, the artists aim to go even further, exploring audience interaction and visuals to co-create a unique experience. By turning viewers into participants, it's bound to be a truly engaging journey.

Visitors of the event are encouraged to contemplate and be present. Greeted by artist Fleur Kotten upon entry, writing down a few reflections on the event’s theme, which will be used as inspiration during the audiovisual performance. Fleur will also be showcasing beautiful installations around the venue.

Intertwined with sets by Milieu Selectors Boogie Mind & Bao, closing off with a proper jam on Cinetol's intimate dance floor with Marcel Vogel and Bonnefooi.

Check the detailed programme & get your tickets. We're looking forward to groove with you.

Find out more about Milieu and their activities:


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