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United Identities 'Sad Violin Music' Release Party at Skatecafe

Utrecht-based label United Identities celebrated its 2nd vinyl release - 'Sad Violin'Music' by Mayo - and started its 5-year anniversary tour at Skatecafe in Amsterdam last Sunday. The Steppin’ crew went to check it out.

United Identities is a monthly radio show on NTS, concert/event series, record label and music community platform founded by Carista in 2017. On her mission to connect like minded lovers of contemporary music, she started United Identities. Through her platform she is determined to give diverse local artists and acts that same push she got and showcase them to the world. — No ego, all equal ©

Carista, the label boss and founder of United Identities opening up on Sunday was a refreshing change from headliners ending the night. Despite it being the last sunny day in Amsterdam for a while, some people came early to hear her bang it out in the hazy Skatecafe with a skater backdrop. Too bad a bulk of the crowd arrived later in the day, missing out on this highlight.

A new addition and sneaky surprise was the second room where Jerrau grooved it out with all kinds of house and percussive persuasions. His energy behind the decks is famously contagious and everyone that takes a peek into the room stayed to dance despite the sun not having set yet.

Next up was Margie who never fails to set you on a distant dance venture - from deep house to dancehall and Detroit techno. Showcasing her wide musical knowledge she filled up the 19:00 room even more.

Tijmen de Nooy Photography

Meanwhile Sekan & Mowgli took on the big room filling it with Italo, acid & garage house, a duo to constantly complement one another and infect the crowd with their contagious energy.

Mayo, baring grills and all, is releasing her EP on United Identities - taking the tempo down with acid & goa influenced rollers & chuggers - matching her EP's energy.

'Sad Violin Music' contains three tracks and was created on a self-built modular synth. You can read all about Mayo and her EP in the Patta feature interview.

In the 1900 room, Bobby Boycott takes us to the west coast territory with a goal to rave and wreck a crowd in all the right ways.

Sadly enough, energy levels on Sunday are quite low after a big weekend so had to leave a bit earlier than I'd like to admit. Either way, big props to United Identities for bringing together such a fine crowd with an open mind and a wide taste in music.

Very much looking forward to the next leg of the 5 year anniversary tour on the 29th of April at a venue which will be announced soon, but before we leave you, here are 3 tracks we liked a lot:


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James Brown
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