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Mixed Feelings | Daan Stoop

A special guest-mix series where DJs are invited to create a soundtrack for tomorrow's days. Next up: Amsterdam-based writer and music-enthusiast Daan Stoop.

Every Mixed Feelings podcast is accompanied by a few questions that provide a little insight into the DJ and the mix they've prepared for us and for you.

Which feelings do we find bottled in this mix?

A lot of feelings! Sentimental feelings, soothing feelings, dancy feelings here and there, relaxed feelings, intense feelings, sad and melancholic feelings, feelings of joy, and all feelings in-between. It's a home listen for sure, not per se for energetic Saturday nights but more for sunny Sunday afternoons. In this mix, you'll find brass, horns, drums, and even a little cherry at the end.

What message does the music you play convey?

Tight mixes and perfectly matched uptempo BPM's aren't my cup of tea. A mix to me is in essence a compilation of music in a specific order that makes sense. Hearing similar elements in songs that are from totally different eras is what makes listening to music such a beautiful exercise for me.

How is the mix reflecting your current music taste?

In this mix, I tried to draw lines between some of the evergreens in jazz history and the music that is coming out lately. Lately doesn't necessarily mean last week, it can also be a couple of years ago. It's hard to keep track of everything that's coming out these days, sometimes a certain album only reaches you years after its release. I don't see that as a bad thing. The music that excites you the most will come your way anyhow.

Who should release a new album/EP already?

I'm a big fan of the American jazz drummer Kendrick Scott Oracle. He's an absolute machine on the hi-hats, cymbals, and crashes. His latest album 'A Wall Becomes A Bridge' dates back to 2019 and I really hope there's more in the pipeline. And of course the Papa Romeo crew. I know for a fact that their upcoming music is gonna be ace!

What's magical about music?

Listening to pumping beats on a big F1 sound system is great and all, but the personal one-on-one connection you can have with certain music when listening with headphones is paramount for me. Music brings you places and universes, music blocks noises and troubles, music sets you free, and makes you wanna boogie. Makes you wanna laugh, make you wanna cry.

What is your main source for finding new music?

Streaming services, Social Media, YouTube and its horrible algorithm, Discogs, euhhhh, concerts!

If the mix would be a soundtrack, what (kind of) movie/video/audio-visual content would support it best?

I'm a big fan of the Belgian filmmaker Lukas Dhont. His debut 'Girl' was wonderful and this fall his new movie 'Close' is coming to a theater near you. If this mix were to be put under moving images, it would be under scenes from his movies. Is this a movie tip? Yes, this is a movie tip!



  1. Hunee - Amo (2015)

  2. Papa Romeo - Deep Purp Long (unreleased)

  3. Yuri Honing Acoustic Quartet - Bring Me The Discoking (2012)

  4. Gil Evans & Miles Davis - Will O’ the Wisp (1960)

  5. Charlie Parker - K.C. Blues (1951)

  6. Claude Thornhill & His Orchestra - Polka Dots & Moon Beams (1947)

  7. Kendrick Scott Oracle - >>>>>>>>>Voices (2019)

  8. The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Eleven Four (1967)

  9. Charles Mingus - Better Git It in Your Soul (1959)

  10. Yusef Lateef - Like It Is (1968)

  11. Jakob Bro - Strands (2018)

  12. CKTRL – Robyn (2020)

  13. Papa Romeo - It’s Always Evening In The Sitting Room (unreleased)

  14. Portico Quartet - Knee-Deep in the North Sea (2010)

  15. Alfa Mist - Attune (2021)

  16. Yussef Dayes, Charlie Stacey & Rocco Palladino - For My Ladies (2019)

  17. Amy Winehouse - Cherry (2003)


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