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PREMIERE: Aduni - 'Obakosso'

Stunning solo debut single by the Brazilian percussionist and vocalist who thanks the Orisha spirits for his drums in this song. Out now on Oshu Records.

Aduni Guedes is a percussionist and singer from the northeast of Brazil but is based in Berlin, Germany today. In his music, he combines traditional Afro-Brazilian sounds with West-African and modern influences. Back in Brazil Aduni has already shared the stage with several great names in the Brazilian music scene, such as Vitor Araújo, Grupo Höröyá, Ekò Afrobeat, and Baby do Brasil (Novos Baianos).

Aduni felt inspired to acknowledge and appreciate his drums, the energies he receives from the instruments, and his orisha Shango, the god of drums, thunder, and justice. The drums used in the music are called 'Ilu', an instrument traditionally used in the Nagô candomblé of Pernambuco.

“This song was born from my desire to thank my drums and Xango for what they have given me. Xango is the god of drums and justice. The lyrics are traditional 'Toadas' of the Nagô Candomblé of Pernambuco. The drums used in the music are called 'Iu', an instrument with a very characteristic shape and sound.” - Aduni

The single found a home at Oshu Records, a fairly new label run by Hungarian musician/producer Àbáse. The labels' ethos “on a quest for global grooves of unity” is something that's clearly been heard on their first release last year, which was the outstanding Laroyê album by the head honcho himself. Both Àbáse and Aduni are based in Berlin and are heavily involved in the live circuit.

'Obakosso' is out today via Oshu Records and remember, it's Bandcamp Friday. Time to support your favorite independents!


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James Brown
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