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PREMIERE: Angles Morts - 'A+D'

"Jazz for the dance floor" is a phrase we've been saying and hearing quite often in the past few years. This means that an exciting shift in sound perception is taking place and will get people out of their comfortable seats so jazz music won't just be perceived while sitting down anymore, but also felt throughout our entire bodies while letting go on the dance floors. At Steppin' we're always programming live music and DJ sets on the same nights to make that connection and bring the different audiences together. French label Dope Tones also has a vision that fits this direction and every few months they introduce a new live act from France who do exactly that. Today, we bring you the debut single of Angles Morts.

Angles Morts is a rising quartet coming from the new jazz scene in Marseille, France. In modern days it's almost completely natural for young jazz musicians to also be inspired by some form of electronic music, in particular the sub-genres that emerged from the United Kingdom. Such as broken beat, jungle, drum & bass, dubstep, bass & more. Add the timeless quality of American jazz, funk, soul, and fusion from the 1970s, sprinkle some 90's hip-hop on top, and you find yourself in today's sound. A wonderful blend and fully ready to make people move. In the video below you can catch a glimpse of the band performing their forthcoming single and if you scroll further, there is the studio version waiting to be heard by you.

'A + D' is their debut single and will be accompanied by two remixes, crafted by Pablo Valentino and Attica One. The latter artist we also covered in a previous premiere earlier this year. This first single is a strong introduction to the group and it makes us hungry for more. With Angles Morts the French scene gained another strong live act and is getting stronger every day.

The full EP will be out on June 20th and gets released via Dope Tones Records.


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James Brown
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