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PREMIERE: Attica One - 'Inward Theme'

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

The French producer Kayo steps away from his usual beats and launches a new aka to delve into different inspirations, bringing us his version of broken drum patterns and deep synth chords for the dance floor. Attica One is born.

For the past twenty years, the Strasbourg-based Kayo has been boom-bapping his way through soulful samples and dropped countless EPs on his Bandcamp page, but also on CD and limited vinyl. A lot of those releases were with MCs or purely instrumental bops and now it looks like he's ready for a change of focus, play around with some new textures. Kayo had already briefly introduced his new alter ego on a recent EP where Attica One featured on the track 'Blue Shape'. One can only wonder what kind of flavor each alias added in this track..

It seems that there's an ongoing bug that bites producers, which gives them the irresistible urge to experiment with their music in the broken-beat universe. It also still confirms the original idiom that it's not a style or genre, but more so a way of thinking and creating music where freedom is of the highest importance. The track slowly builds out of the background noise with two syncopated kicks repeating themselves into emotive piano chords that gradually add little nuances and variations before taking a left turn with some gorgeous synth pads. Attica One has a great start for this new direction with this EP and all three original tracks sound interesting and adventurous.

Also on the EP, I've spotted Steppin' favorite Kuna Maze from Belgium, who also took on a new alter ego by the name of Moriiiis J. His remix of 'Inward' took it up a notch in the tempo and added extra percussive layers plus a wobble bass line to give it that dirty club vibe.

The Inward EP will be out via Dope Tones Records on February 16th.


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James Brown
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