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PREMIERE: Fradinho ft Colonel Red - 'Much We Have (Daz-I-Kue Dub)'

Portugal-based DJ/producer & all around music-head Fradinho is gearing up to release his next 12", the third release on the Eclectic Beats Music label he founded last year. With soulful vocals by Colonel Red and remixes by Inkswel, Born74 & Daz-I-Kue this is an instant sure-shot for broken beat aficionados!

The Lisbon-based Rui Fradinho is a self-proclaimed portugeezer, meaning he's born in Portugal but has lived for an extensive time period of 12 years in the UK. This is where his love for the broken beat movement was born. Rui is an avid vinyl collector and digs up discoveries all over the jazz, funk, soul, latin, afro, brazilian and nu-jazz music spectrum. After having bought so much vinyl himself, it made sense to level up and make it full circle by starting his own label called Eclectic Beats Music, with two vinyl releases out so far. The first being his own official debut and second one a collaborative project called Afro Bruk Band.

His first own production dates back to 'A Bright Future', made in 2001 but only got released last year in 2020. It already shows his understanding of the sound and only makes you wonder why it took so long for Fradinho to go for it and share his creations with the world. With an upcoming remix of Gilles Peterson & Bluey's (Incognito) highly praised brit-funk project STR4TA about to be released soon, it is only just beginning and we're all here for it!


On Much We Have Fradinho called on vocalist Colonel Red to add his soulful colours to the palette. Then got one of Australia's most prolific producers Inkswel, the mystic UK-based Born74 and bruk-OG Daz-I-Kue on remix duties. With names like these you know everyone on board is on the same page.

Darren Benjamin aka Daz-I-Kue is an original Bugz In The Attic member and has been responsible for countless productions, remixes & engineering work for pretty much anyone who's affiliated with the broken aesthetic. Daz is also known as BB Boogie, Bloodfire, and part of Edgewood Agents. Daz blessed Fradinho's EP with a remix and a dub, which we're more than excited to share today. With signature percussive grooves, hypnotising looping vocal parts and fat sub-bass synths it is surely going to put dance floors into a frenzy.

The full Much We Have EP drops on July 30th via Eclectic Beats Music, but we've got the honour to present you the slammin' 'Daz-I-Kue Dub' version below!


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James Brown
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