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PREMIERE: Fulgeance - ‘Addiction’

Written by Danny Veekens.

On his upcoming concept album, Musique Boisson (music-meets-drinks!), French

producer Fulgeance swapped out his long-trusted MPC pads for analog synths and

vintage drum machines. 'Addiction' is the second single, ahead of the album release

on April 8th via his own label, Musique Large.

Fulgeance’s last solo full-length release, Homecooking on Cascade Records, was

structured as a beat-tape full of raw synth lines, neck-snapping MPC drums, and electronic-

tinged beats he described as “club funk.” On Musique Boisson, his productions sound

more cozy than club-like. Quite literally, as the album was made at home during times of

lockdown. Fulgeance spent that alone-time well; he turned to his collection of synthesizers

such as the Oberheim Matrix6, Juno60, and the Korg Minilogue. On most of the songs on

Musique Boisson, you also hear the Rhythm Ace FR-1, an early drum machine from 1965

as famously used on J.J. Cale’s Naturally. Fulgeance’s aim for his new album was to start

from scratch: no sampling, all-analog. That can also be heard on this Steppin’ Into Tomorrow

premiere of 'Addiction':

“When I was composing ‘Addiction,’ I really enjoyed to let the ‘clichéd’ samba rhythm guide

me,” recalls Fulgeance. “Usually, I’m not so free in making music: I’m always searching for

complicated beats, textures… But for ‘Addiction,’ everything was in the moment. Simple and

natural. Maybe the sweetness of my glass of bourbon also helped me there… The bass,

melodies, and chords quickly came to mind. That’s what you hear on Musique Boisson;

this was another way of writing music for me. The production process was far more organic

and spontaneous.”

“Fulgeance took his time to compose some sincere ‘ballads.’ Or rather his own sound illustration, sometimes easy-listening of the 70s, with a touch of funk ‘à la française.’ You may hear some influences like Money Mark, Clutchy Hopkins, Vladimir Cosma, Alan Hawkshaw, or R.McCarthy.” - on Musique & Boisson’s Bandcamp page

Throughout the process, the sounds got even more organic: Musique Boisson (‘Music &

Drink’) turned into a concept album released as a cassette tape paired with a bottle of

natural wine by French winemaker Vincent Wallard (limited to 30 bottles). For the

connoisseurs out there, drinkin’ into tomorrow: the fruity wine is a fifty-fifty blend of Gamay

from the south of the Beaujolais and Grolleau from the Anjou region Loire Valley, all made of

grapes from organic wine farming. Fulgeance: “The song ‘Addiction’ is also associated with

the title of the album. The quality of a drink: the nice cocktail, the fine ingredients, finding the

perfect taste…”

Fulgeance’s long-time friend and collaborator Baron Rétif is featured on “Addiction” on

percussion. As one-half of drum-synth duo Baron Rétif & Concepción Perez, he previously released Navettes on Musique Large, the record label managed by Fulgeance & Rekick. “Baron Rétif plays ‘laid-back’,” says Fulgeance. “He’s always looking to do music inspired by jazz, krautrock, or beats in the vein of J Dilla and Knxwledge… Because the Rhythm Ace drum machine is the lead on ‘Addiction,’ Baron Rétif did additional percussion and added a ‘Miami Beach’ kind of vibe with bells, timbales, and a nice sound whistle for a tropical mood.” It's been nearly six years since Fulgeance's last solo album. His sound has surely matured since. Aged in a dark cellar full of vintage synths instead of barrels.

Musique & Boisson is out April 8th on Musique Large. Santé, Fulgeance.


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James Brown
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