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PREMIERE: GreyHeads - 'Deamons ft Noa Lauryn'

The Rotterdam-based band takes their sound into a new direction with soulful vocals on top of their jazz-fueled hip hop grooves.

GreyHeads is a Rotterdam-based band that was born out of drummer and bandleader Nello Biasini's final exam, roughly 5 years ago. Since then they've been performing across the country and played at festivals such as So What's Next? and the notorious North Sea Jazz Festival. In 2019 their debut album Homes was released on Super Sonic Jazz, as a solid introduction to their blend of jazz-inspired hip hop or hip-hop inspired jazz.

Recently they've released 'Aago' the first single of their forthcoming 2nd album Transition, which features Amazumi on raps/vocals. This was the first time they stepped out of their instrumental sound aesthetic and it looks like there might be more to come from that direction. On the 2nd single 'Deamons' they called in the help of Amsterdam-based vocalist Noa Lauryn.

Noa is born and raised in Amsterdam and soulfulness is literally running through her veins. Her moms taught her to sing at a very young age and her pops is the Liquid Spirits bassist Manuel Hugas (who we by the way recently interviewed as well - coming soon!). You can only imagine the jam sessions during their family road trips..

Last year she released a few solo singles, which escalated to an EP and currently she's working on her debut album, which is about to drop around spring next year. Definitely worth keeping an eye out for.

The Greyheads album Transition will be released on Friday December 3rd, so stay tuned and in the meantime, check out 'Deamons' below:


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James Brown
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