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PREMIERE: Paladin - 'Third World (Cracken Edit)'

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

The French/Dutch label returns with its 2nd vinyl-only release. Whereas the first one reissued the obscure boogie funk track 'Sassy Style' by Chazz from 1984, the new release is a 4-track compilation with numerous tracks from various eras that are not necessarily hard to find in its original release, some just haven't been on people's radar yet or pressed on the 12" format. We're premiering an edit of a fairly unknown psych-rock track, edited by the label's head honcho Cracken himself.

The 'Reach Out' label is back for its second release, this time with a 12" dedicated to edits that stand out and most likely aren't your usual choices. The release contains a forgotten jazz-funk banger by Incognito from 2002, edited by Italy's own Patrick Gibin, a Mark Grusane edit of Sylvia Love's 1979 disco tune 'Extraterrestrial Lover', a track called 'Marevo' by Bayko I couldn't find anything on, which makes it fitting that it's labeled as the "Unknown Mix".

Today's focus will be on the 2nd track of the 'Day Side', a track by the British progressive rock group Paladin. They were a shortlived band that got together in 1970, released their debut album in 1971, a second album in 1972, and disbanded by the end of that year already.

This edit was crafted in-house by Cracken, who takes care of the licensing and the production of the label. In our first year, Cracken recorded a Mixed Feelings episode for us and it showed his broad interest in all kinds of records. Seeing him run this label today, selecting these four different tracks for this release, is by no means a surprise and an extension of his diggin' adventures. This particular record was a gift from his uncle, who's also a lifelong vinyl collector, so dusty fingers definitely run in his family.

"A ritualistic ode to the end of the world and the beginning of a new era that resonated well with our times."

The original single only lasted 2 minutes and 45 seconds, which gave Cracken the idea to add 2 more minutes in the edit so that people can get a bit deeper into the tribal grooves and chants.

The full 12" will be out on February 27th via Reach Out , on vinyl exclusively.


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James Brown
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