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PREMIERE: Fruit Distro Collective - 'Samsara (This Life)'

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Wondering how it sounds if two guys blend sample-based hip-hop inspirations, with jazz composition, afro-centered grooves, and analog tape aesthetics? Fruit Distro Collective got you covered on their debut album Some Kind Of Wisdom, which will drop tomorrow. But right before that happens we're bringing you an early listen of 'Samsara'.

Boris van der Hoff (left) & Tristan Coco (right)

Fruit Distro Collective is a new project by multi-instrumentalist/producer Boris van der Hoff and bass player Tristan Coco. Written and recorded during the time that Boris was about to become a father, this state and evolution of life got him to think about the things he would like to pass on to the next generation. That headspace is where the direction of the forthcoming album Some Kind Of Wisdom was born.

Before bringing you 'Samsara', let's hear Boris talk a bit about one of the stand-out tracks of the album:

“We all run in circles.” We are constantly in motion. Setting goals, pushed forward by

ambition. Constantly getting somewhere can get tiring. Stress is often felt and by focusing on

your destination you might miss out on a lot of beauty and peace along the way. I have

thought a lot about this. The never-ending becoming versus the everlasting being. It’s a

struggle. I have experienced a lot of great moments of growth by acting goal oriented. But I

also experienced tremendous peace by letting go of my ambitions and just be. I look at it

now like a balancing act. As long as you are aware, you can always re-navigate or drop the

anchor. For me, there is one certainty. You won’t find happiness by achieving goals. Just do

what you feel you have to do and enjoy doing it. Then the path will bring happiness and growth. - Boris (Fruit Distro Collective)

When hearing the title 'Samsara', I immediately jumped to the 2012 movie in my head. For the ones who don't know this film, it's best described as a visually stunning guided meditation that connects the links between humanity and nature. It's a non-verbal documentary and will probably have you question (your) life afterward.

On vocals, we recognize a good friend and a familiar face, Shamis of INI Movement. His dreamy voice perfectly suits the message and overall theme of the track. Groove-wise I sense slight 'Umi Says' vibes in the drum pattern, which is a timeless classic, so no complaints there! To top it off there's Thimo Gijezen on guitar, who shreds a storytelling solo before the track fades away into the darkness. The full album Some Kind Of Wisdom will be out on December 16th, via the labels Records We Release Records, Dopeness Galore, and INI Movement. Three local faves!


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James Brown
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