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Shamis & Rebiere drop first official collab with 'Moonlove'.

Shamis, previously known as Pitch Controller Mitch (PCM), has been actively DJ-ing and producing for artists like Pete Philly, Eva Lazarus & Alain Clark for years but hasn't been on the forefront as a vocalist before. That changed with the coming of his new moniker Shamis when he released his first solo single 'Believe' last year.

Rebiere is the production alter-ego of Lucas van Ee, a multi-instrumentalist/producer who has been playing live shows all over the globe with some of the top bands in the Netherlands, such as Gallowstreet, Jungle By Night, The Ish, Michelle David & The Gospel Sessions and others.

They found each other at the Birdhouse Studios in Haarlem, clicked musically and instantly starting making a lot of music for other artists like Rilan & The Bombardiers, Paa Kofi, LYMA, Lorrèn & also commercial work for tv/radio. Now it's finally time to step up front and bring the world what they've been cookin' up together.

There was a track though that got released by them as a duo before Shamis' name-change and it was featured on the modern funk compilation 'MORE BOUNCE presents Feeding U New Knocks Vol.2' in 2019, released by Wicked Wax.

The production of 'Moonlove' is breezy with soft synth pads, laidback drum patterns, subtle funky bass lines & oozes soulfulness with Shamis' vocals sounding warm and filled with love. Rebiere, being a saxophonist in most of the bands he plays, delivers a gorgeous solo on the soprano sax in the last minute that almost gives you a Grover Washington-type-of-feel.

We can't wait to hear more of this dynamic duo and something tells me we're about to enjoy plenty of it in 2021. 'Moonlove' is out now on all digital platforms through their own label INI Movement.


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James Brown
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