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PREMIERE: Skygaze - 'City Cathedratics'

This incredibly versatile Spanish producer is creating new worlds with all his time, in his music and on this planet. Constructing ideas into realities is what Jaime does, and he does it well. He's got an EP coming up called Astral Trip that will surely move bodies across the globe.

Based in Spain, Jaime Tellado aka Skygaze is a producer at night and an architect by day. An interesting combination, but then again, when you're creating music you're definitely very much involved in the process of designing as well. His imagination is boundless and his vast catalog of creative outputs is impressive, to say the least. Next to all the Skygaze productions, which are already 5 albums and about 7 EPs deep, he's also been releasing music as Jailed Jamie. With this moniker, the tracks are a lot more experimental and a little more focused on the UK rave sounds, such as jungle and drum & bass.

I personally first heard his music back in 2018 when he released the Freedom album and my mind was blown away by the productions on there. It had elements of jazz fusion, house, but also the more spaced out Fly-Lo type of wonky beats. It's safe to say that Jamie has a broad interest in music and loves to explore it as much as he can. Wandering through his musical landscapes is a real treat and his 2015 Boiler Room live set is another great example of his adventurous mind. One second you're losing your mind in an uptempo footwork madness and suddenly you're bopping your head in a classic boom-bap fashion, with the intensity of a Dilla snare.

His latest effort Astral Trip takes us straight to the dance floor with some deep 4-to-the-floor house cuts and various tunes that are more rooted in broken beat patterns, such as 'Wagwan' and 'Night Heat'. Jamie's love for UK-inspired electronic music shines brightly throughout these last 10 years of releasing music. Every EP explored new territory and I'm already looking forward to his next ventures.

Skygaze takes inspiration from the rich history of electronic music and has a way of reconstructing the rhythms and synths into his own refreshing creations. His sonic worlds take you on a journey and, while never failing to move you, also paint a picture of spiritual wonder, richness, and excitement.

The Astral Trip EP will be out on May 13th via Flumo Recordings and we're here to give you an early listen of the banger 'City Cathedratics' below:

Keep up with Skygaze:


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James Brown
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