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PREMIERE: Tyrone Hendrix - 'Waterfalls'

Get a first listen of this horn-driven, tight but laidback rimshot-groove by the Portland-based drummer & composer.

Drummer/composer Tyrone Hendrix is originally born and raised in Oakland, California. He took the classic route of starting out in the church, then honed his craft during high school and further on in the gospel scene. He moved to Portland, Oregon in 2004 and quickly became heavily involved with its local scene, while broadening his knowledge and ways of playing by adding hiphop, jazz, soul and funk to the repertoire. I've been loving the Portland scene for a while now and advise you to keep a close eye on it as well.

A few of his frequent collaborators are saxophonist Mike Philips, powerhouse vocalist Liv Warfield (with whom he also played live at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon), and fellow Portlanders like multi-instrumentalist Tony Ozier, trumpeter/producer Farnell Newton and vocalist/pianist Jarrod Lawson. They are among the core of that scene and can often be found playing on each others music, such as Tyrone's first two albums Rhythm On Life Vol.1 & 2 . One of the stand-out joints on the latest release is the beautiful 'The Battle'. Drenched in Soulquarian-sauce it carries a warmness that instantly revives the beloved Voodoo-era. Tyrone sure knows how to play like, as Questlove loves to describe that style of drumming, "a drunk 6-year-old". It's no surprise that all-time greats like Stevie Wonder and Prince called upon Tyrone for their rhythm sections.

Tyrone's fresh new tune 'Waterfalls' is a vibrant instrumental groove with duelling horns on top. It resembles the type of triumphant spirit we slowly start to feel with the end of the pandemic in sight. Hendrix' tight rimshots are the solid backbone for the ride and a swooning recurring horn-phrase soothes the soul a little more each time it returns. The horn section comprises of Farnell Newton on trumpet and Kyle Molitor on trombone, who both take turns soloing throughout the track, and the underbelly bass tones are provided by Ian Michael Lindsay. The overall vibe breathes a certain relaxing state and washes away yesterdays sorrows to prepare you for a new tomorrow.

'Waterfalls' will be out on all platforms April 2nd and the album will arrive in July through Farnell's LofiJazzSoul label. Press play, get a first listen today and then purchase it here.


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James Brown
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