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PREMIERE: Yoofee - 'Lost Papers'

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

The Berlin-based wunderkind returns with another hot 4-track EP filled with his own touch of broken beat bangers. This time his music traveled to Marocco and will be released by the Casa Voyager label. Scroll down and dive into this bomb of a track.

Yoofee (left)

Back in 2021, we did a brief interview with Moses Yoofee, who was only 21 years old at the time, about to release an EP with our friends from Ballroom Radio Records, and when we heard a glimpse of the Heavenly Poison EP we knew he was special and that we needed to keep a close eye on him. Yoofee is one of those child prodigies, who started playing piano at the age of 4 and became ridiculously good at it before most people even know what their name was. Yoofee is not only insanely talented on the keys, but also DJs, produces various sounds like bass/dubstep/broken beat, and has his own trio! Last year he did a small EU tour with the trio and blew minds everywhere they went. We were aiming to get them to Amsterdam for a performance but haven't found an occasion to make that happen yet. If you're down to see him play over here, hit us up so we know we're not alone in this.

While the trio seems to be more rooted in jazz & hip-hop, his solo output lives in the electronic realm. More specifically, the UK's West-London broken beat sound. Seeing a younger generation continuing and expanding on that legacy is inspiring and confirms that this experimental universe wasn't a short-lived phase back in the late 90s and early 2000s. It's gone on to evolve its way back into live musicians as well, such as the current London jazz scene, which in turn inspires other young musicians all over the planet right now. I hear it everywhere and the syncopated, irregular drum patterns and hard-hitting chords only seem to be more prevalent than ever. No complaints here, I'm actually really glad to still see it growing consistently.

Right before 2022 was over, Yoofee appeared on the Rhythm Section compilation SHOUTS 2022 with the stunning 'Areyousure?'. It has his signature production style and I'm happy we didn't have to wait for too long before more music arrives.

Today we're premiering the title track of his Lost Papers EP and what a tune it is! The track is quite unexpected. From the reverbed inaudible, but soulful, vocal intro you get launched into a percussive-heavy frenzy with fat synth bass lines bouncing all around the kick patterns. We'll leave the rest for you to explore once you've pressed play.

Pretty much the only constant thing on this track is the cowbell, and as we know, we can never have enough cowbell.

The Lost Papers EP will be out on February 3rd via Casa Voyager.


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James Brown
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