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PREMIERE: Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange - 'Bleached'

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Berlin-based, Australian drummer Ziggy Zeitgeist has been at the forefront of today's live broken beat/jazz scene with groups like 30/70 and his own Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange. Today, we premiere the second track from the upcoming 'Kreuzberg Kix EP 2' for Secretsundaze: a fast-paced and groove-focused organic broken cut. Just how we like 'em.

After the success of the Kreuzberg Kix 1EP in 2021, we–and I think we can speak for DJs within the scene here–were fiending for some new Zeitgeist energy. I've heard quite a few DJs play the original tracks with WAYNE SNOW on vocals, and the remix by GE-OLOGY. Now 2 albums, an EP and a few features ahead, the ZFEX teams up with Spirit of Sundaze Ensemble’s Lewis Moody, Mathew Hayes, WAYNE SNOW and one amazing remixer once more for the Kreuzberg Kix EP 2.

'Bleached' follows a familiar formula of ZFEX, meaning their stream-of-consciousness way of approaching arrangements. Reminiscent of a jam, Ziggy drives the broken drum rhythms, while the band accompanies and supports with strong basslines, FX-drenched synths and soothing melodies from the keys. This exactly strikes the axiom between the organic and electronic broken beat we enjoy at Steppin'. It strikes a balance between musicianship and club-oriented dance experiences.

The forthcoming remix of 'Take Your Time' is done by none other than NYC-based legend Jenifa Mayanja. She amps up the drums, especially suitable for those sweaty house functions. In case you are not familiar, here is a great conversation between her and Zakia Sewell (Breakfast Show host on NTS).

Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange is a band that defies classification. Headed by drummer Ziggy Zeitgeist of 30/70, the band is well known for their storming live sets, capturing the energy of dance music across house and more broken rhythms whilst retaining their solid jazz-funk influence and musicianship levels.

You can find the pre-save for the EP here.


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James Brown
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