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Raven Kangee debuts EP 'Pillow', a souled-out introspective experience

Following the single ‘Sky Break Open’, Raven Kangee released his solo EP 'Pillow': 7 tracks of colourful sounds and souled-out hip hop grooves.

We wrote about the single earlier this year, introducing Amersfoort-native Raven Kangee. Positioned between smooth raps and melodic hooks, Kangee layers his voice with an equally soulful palette of sounds. These sounds were established with the help of his fellow bandmates from Three Little Clouds, who appear across the album. As the title suggests, the EP is suitable for those days you’re hugging your pillow a little longer on a given morning.

Art 🤝 Music

Raven Kangee doesn’t fit into just one artistic category. Operating on the axes between artistry and music, the Pillow EP is accompanied by an exposition showcasing his paintings underscoring the live music performance and vice versa. In dynamic fashion, Kangee navigates between his artistic disciplines as he simultaneously raps and paints. A 360-degree experience stimulating multiple senses. A unique twist that brings together several elements of hip-hop culture.

Raven Kangee persfoto 1 foto door heytagmij.jpg
Raven Kangee by Heytagmij

With a knick for hooks, Kangee layers his vocals on multiple refrains. 'Don’t Trip' falls neatly into this category. Melded with smooth chord progressions and a bass line, he raps about coming to grips with the stresses of quotidian life.

As the title implies, 'Don’t Jazz Me' is a jazz rhythm interlude which segues into the shuffle rhythms of 'Skipping Rocks' and ends with a callback to the former’s beat. This interplay between tracks attests to the EP's carefully crafted tracklist and concept.

Solo Pillow Talks

The tunes on the EP speak to mental reflections you might find yourself in the middle of while lying down on your pillow. Introspection plays a key role in the album and Kangee’s penmanship translates this to the best of his abilities. This introspection increases at the last leg of the EP, with the single 'Sky Break Open' as the cathartic climax.

Pillow essentially is a souled-out hip-hop EP with pop appeal. Raven Kangee knows when and how to put his vocals to use. With his penmanship and ear for songwriting, we see him paving his way towards a broader audience in the future.


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