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PREMIERE: Rico Herrera ft Lorenzo Morresi - 'I Love My Pork Pie Hat'

The iconic Italian DJ, MC, and producer returns three years after his 2018 'Uno' EP for the first installment of Roots Underground's new Excursions series.

His last EP is an all-killer-no-filler 12" that even includes a tribute to Steppin Into Tomorrow & personal favorite producer - Ron Trent:

Rico Herrera has been active since the mid-90s and dabbled a lot in hip hop and house - even winning the Italian 'beat maker' title in 2011.

Like most 7" records, this EP holds 2 tracks, one on each side - but it's hard to pick a favorite.

'Favorite Dream' grabs you with beautiful dreamy keys from the start. Once Jane Hamilton's vocal hits, you'll forget everything happening around you and fall in love immediately. The percussive groove drives everything forward and I can see this track work just right in multiple situations, whether that's a 3 am club (please, Dutch government), a Sunday chill sesh, or a lounge bar.

On the B-side we've got the soulful cut - and Steppin Into Tomorrow PREMIERE - 'I Love My Pork Pie Hat'. Featuring Lorenzo Morresi on guitar and Filippo Guerrieri playing most of the warm Fender Rhodes keys. A bit less dreamy and higher energy, it balances out the A-side just right. House producers take notice, this is how you do it!

Excursions Vol.1 is out now via Roots Underground Records and we just heard that the limited 7inch is already sold out in various places. Get it if you still can!


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James Brown
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