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Blessings from/to the Lord: SAULT releases 5 albums for a very limited time

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

The discography of UK band SAULT is reverent. The identity of the group (and producer Inflo specifically) remain enigmatic, arguably adding to the devotion music lovers give to them and their music. Following the album release AIR in April 2022, SAULT surprises us with amazing and impressive drop of 5 albums. Devoted to God, the albums are all a spiritual journey in their own right.

The website will take you to wetransfer upon clicking on the dark folder on the left side. Type in the password 'godislove' and you'll be presented with 5 albums, titled

'(Untitled) God'





'Today & Tomorrow'.

There is much to say about the 56 tunes, perhaps way too much to summarise in a blog post just two days after the release. The albums are filled with symphonic joy. AIIR follows the theme of the AIR album, released earlier this year. But the signature choral elements of SAULT are present as well.

The band is best known for their work with other UK artists. Together with Kid Sister, the couple Inflo and Cleo Sol are the only members listed, but surely the collaborations run deep. With productions for Little Simz, Michael Kiwanuka, Adele, Jungle and Chronixx, SAULT and Inflo have made a significant mark on the black contemporary sound of the UK.

SAULT strives the sound of R&B forward and these five albums are nothing short of that description either. Bridging the gap between the past and aiming it at the future, these offerings to God truly are a blessing.

Make sure to grab the albums, because they're only up for a couple of days.


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James Brown
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